Carrara Pastries | Moorpark, CA

Carrara Pastries | Moorpark

let me introduce you to carrara pastries…an absurdly wonderful italian bakery! they have two locations: moorpark and agoura hills.

most of the desserts are in italian so we have no idea what we are eating nor do we even know how to pronounce it. regardless, get ready for your mind to be blown. our go-tos (i literally had to go to their website to get these names. you’re welcome):

  • cheesecake – my favorite. it’s delicious!
  • crostata di frutta – fruit tart
  • profitterole – think chocolate covered cream puff
  • amarena – cake & mousse in a dome
  • velina – cake & mousse (chocolate)
  • yogurt e fragole – cake and yogurt mousse layered
  • tiramisu
  • all cream puffs… you must try the frittlle, a deep-fried cream puff coated with sugar

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

crostata di frutta (pictured above).

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

tiramisu is delicious! oh! the gelato is also freaking amazing. (pretty much all things made in this bakery rock)

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

this is the famous cheesecake. you have never tasted anything like this. isn’t presentation impressive?

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

profitterole (pictured below) along with a mini cream puff (delicious).

  • overall: pastries are their specialty and you will not be disappointed with anything you get. presentation is amazing even the carry out boxes!
  • parking: both locations have ample parking.
  • service: everyone is uber friendly and are happy to explain what each pastry is.
  • ambience: clean. casual. spacious.

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

Carrara Pastries
476 W Los Angeles Ave
Moorpark, CA 93021

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28914 Roadside Dr
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Carrara Pastries on Urbanspoon

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East is East | Vancouver, BC

East is East | Vancouver East is East | Vancouver

we hung out at east is east with chelsey since this is one of her favorite places. we were stuffed after our chinese food gluten fest at the peaceful restaurant. so we came here to just have some chai tea.

cute place. earthy, comfortable decor. extensive chai menu.

East is East | Vancouver East is East | Vancouver East is East | Vancouver

i went with the almond milk chai tea. hot and soothing. kyle went with the mango smoothie… umm. it was unexpectedly delicious and refreshing. i would drink this over and over.

East is East | Vancouver East is East | Vancouver

great place to just hang out on a lazy weekend!

East is East
4433 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2
Neighborhood: Riley Park

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Meat & Bread | Vancouver, BC

Meat & Bread | Vancouver Meat & Bread | Vancouver

we were walking around in downtown vancouver and came across meat & bread. it was so flippin’ cute, we had to try their sandwiches as a “light snack” before dinner.

Meat & Bread | Vancouver Meat & Bread | Vancouver Meat & Bread | Vancouver

relatively small menu. we got the two sandwiches that everyone raved about:

  • porchette ($8)
  • meatball ($8)

solid sandwiches. solid. the bread is great. both sandwiches had great flavor.

Meat & Bread | Vancouver Meat & Bread | Vancouver

presentation is awesome. each sandwich is served on a cutting board with a little bit of mustard of you want to dip.

Meat & Bread | Vancouver Meat & Bread | Vancouver Meat & Bread | Vancouver

the meatball sandwich was great (mmm meatballs). the best part is that the sandwich did not fall apart or get overly soggy.

Meat & Bread | Vancouver

  • food: good sandwiches! i would definitely recommend this place. simple, solid menu.
  • ambience: decor is awesome. white subway tiles, wood tables, black accents, high ceiling, lots of natural light. super cute.
  • overall: if you are looking for a good lunch spot, i would go to meat & bread. the sandwiches are on the smaller side… so make sure you get sides if you are on the hungry side.

Meat & Bread | Vancouver

Meat & Bread
370 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4

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Lemonade | Studio City, CA

Lemonade | Studio City

i was so excited when they announced that a lemonade was opening up in studio city! it is one of my favorites!

Lemonade | Studio City Lemonade | Studio City

concept: healthy cafeteria style.

keep in mind that lemonade is one of those places that has a handful of solid dishes that you just have to know to order… the other dishes that are way too healthy are not for everyone (like me. i’m just not a beet dish person). my go-to:


  • pineapple chicken, green beans, coconut, jalapeño, jerk dressing (my favorite)
  • cauliflower, golden raisins, almonds, curry
  • avocado, cherry tomato, pine nuts, lime
  • butternut squash, brussels sprouts, red flame grapes, almonds


  • meatball (only if i feel like i need something substantial)
  • jamaican jerk chicken


  • pineapple chicken

my normal order is two portions (two salads) ($6). if i am starving, then i get two salads and a braise ($13) or a protein.

Lemonade | Studio City Lemonade | Studio City

jamacian jerk chicken (above). pineapple chicken (below).

Lemonade | Studio City Lemonade | Studio City

  • ambience: casual. keep in mind this is cafeteria style. pointing out that there is always a line here at lunch/dinner. good thing it moves quickly.
  • parking: metered on ventura blvd. good luck.

12401 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

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Minami | Vancouver, BC

Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver

i have to say this upfront. minami was our best meal in vancouver… actually. it was one of the best…in our lives. yep. lives.

we stumbled on this restaurant after strolling around in yaletown on our last day in bc. (side note: there are so many awesome looking restaurants on mainland street. why didn’t we find this earlier?) also, when we looked up restaurants in vancouver, this one was not on our radar because there just wasn’t that many reviews of this place.

beautiful restaurant.

Minami | Vancouver

so minami is known for aburi, flame seared sushi. we have never had this type of sushi before! so they flame sear their sushi to enhance the flavor. …so delicious.

per the suggestion of our waiter, we ordered:

  • spicy kaisen soba peperoncino ($15) – prawns, squid, scallops, sweet pepper, shiitake mushroom, jalapeño, tempura bits, chili-garlic soy
  • premium aburi sushi lunch sampler ($27) – a selection of aburi, roll and oshi sushi (12 pieces)
  • aburi salmon oshi sushi ($15) – pressed BC wild salmon, jalapeño, miku sauce
  • aburi ebi oshi ($15) – pressed shrimp, lime zest, ume sauce

Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver

so the spicy noodles. freaking amazeballs. so delicious. i don’t even know what else to say.

Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver

we got the premium aburi lunch set (12 pieces) so that we could try a little bit of everything.

IMG_4935a1 Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver

the salmon aburi is delicious. this is their popular one (this and the shrimp aburi. the premium set comes with two pieces of each). i would like to point out that it was extremely hard to only take half a bite of this in order to photograph. #selfcontrol

so the rest of the rolls were awesome but we have no idea what we were eating since it’s chef’s selection.

Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver

we loved the shrimp and salmon so much… we ordered more al a carte.

Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver Minami | Vancouver

  • food: food here is a game changer. preparation is incredible and like nothing else you have ever had (umm…the fish just melts in your mouth). trust me. oh and presentation is beautiful. for us, it was very unexpected that we would fall in love with a sushi joint in vancouver, but we did. our favorites – shrimp aburi, salmon aburi and the spicy noodles. you must try all of these! fo sho.
  • service: everyone (especially our waiter) was helpful and attentive. after our meal, we went over to the sushi bar to thank the sushi chefs for an amazing meal. they were uber friendly… we would definitely sit at the sushi bar next time for a different experience.
  • ambience: beautiful restaurant. sleek. clean. oh, and a very pretty bar!
  • overall: we think about the aburi sushi at minami all the time. like i said, best we’ve ever had. best. it is on the pricey side but well worth it. we want to visit vancouver again just to eat this again. why can’t la have aburi sushi?!

Minami | Vancouver

1118 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC V6B 2T9 Canada
Neighborhood: Downtown, Yaletown

Minami 炙 on Urbanspoon

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