Costco Food Court | Vancouver, BC

after we tried fritz’s, we wanted to find more poutine!! when we did a search, one of the more surprising results was costco! everyone raved that the poutine at costco was very comparable to fritz, at a slightly lower price (CAD $5) … but a lot bigger!

Poutine Costco Vancouver Poutine Costco Vancouver

…they were right!

we trekked quite a long way to try these babies out (in the rain). we loved it! i know what you’re thinking… it’s costco. yep, that is what we thought too! it’s pretty darn good here. and given the price and size, we consider this a winner.

Costco Food Court
605 Expo Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6B 1V4
Neighborhood: Gastown

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Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver, BC

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

we absolutely had to go to the peaceful restaurant in vancouver after (i) it was featured on triple d and (ii) after my co-worker highly recommended this place to us. they are known for: hand pulled noodles.

sidenote: this place is a little bit away from downtown so thank goodness chelsey had a car!

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

here is what we ordered:

  • pan-fried pork dumplings ($8)
  • dan-dan noodles (spicy, tangy peanut sauce, minced pork & spinach) ($8)
  • peaceful house stir-fried noodles (served with seafood, pork, vegetables & chilli garlic sauce) ($13)

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

dumplings were a great app. hot, crispy with a yummy dipping sauce (soy sauce based?).

based on the a recommendation from our waitress, we got the dan-dan noodles. i mean, this dish is classified under “sauce noodles” how do i not love it?! so the noodles… are AWESOME. we get why people rave about the noodles. they were so good! perfectly cooked and smothered in a peanut sauce… so if you aren’t a peanut fan, then don’t get this.

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

the peaceful house noodles were also great! great flavor. noodles are wet (since they were sitting in a ton of sauce…my favorite kinda noodles). this was a winner. i would definitely order this again.

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

  • food: a lot of people are turned off by the fact this is a tourist spot since it was featured on triple d and a lot of reviewers point out that some dishes are good but a lot of them are mediocre. i get it and can definitely see that. …good thing all of our dishes were great! we are fans. no regrets. i will say to those who are contemplating coming here… this is a hole in the wall with great noodles. don’t come here having the expectation that this will be the best meal you will ever eat. just come in for some fresh, delicious noodles.
  • service: efficient
  • ambience: not fancy (standard chinese restaurant) but clean and well lit.
  • overall: this will hit the spot on a cold day. a tip – you will go into an immediate food coma after your meal. plan accordingly. oh, and cash only.

Peaceful Restaurant
532 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9

Neighborhood: Fairview

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Fritz European Fry House | Vancouver, BC

Fritz | Vancouver

we’ve had la’s version of poutine (from animal) and we loved it. but we were excited to try the real thing in canada! when we searched for poutine, fritz was one of the more popular places who specialized in french fries smothered with gravy. …i mean just look at their menu.

we just went with a standard poutine (large)… no toppings and no special dips (even though i wanted to try them all).

Fritz | Vancouver Fritz | Vancouver Fritz | Vancouver Fritz | Vancouver

i always thought “poutine” fries were just gravy fries and didn’t realize that cheese curds were an essential part of this canadian dish!

  • food: freaking delicious!!! fries came out hot, gravy was even hotter. despite the heat, our little cheese curds didn’t really melt (mind blown). gravy tasted great and was my favorite part. oh, and the fries were crispy. delicious.
  • atmosphere: very small. there is only one little table/bench inside. we just took our order to go.
  • service: there is one lady (assuming that it is the owner) who takes the orders and makes your food. we were glad there were only 3 people up in there. expect to wait a little bit for your food (hope you aren’t starving). we heard this places gets packs during peak times.
  • overall: great fries. we read that portions are on the small side. we thought a large was the perfect size for us and CAD $8 didn’t seem that expensive since it was our meal… but we were tourists. what do we know?

Fritz European Fry House
718 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B6

Neighborhood: Downtown, Granville Entertainment District

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49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver, BC

49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver 49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver

i finally got around to sifting through all of our vancouver pictures! our first stop after we got off the train was 49th parallel coffee on main street with chelsey (who we haven’t seen since our trip to italy in 2011)! this is her favorite coffee / doughnut shop in vancouver and highly recommended it since we love both of these things.

49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver 49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver

coffee / lattes are $3-4 (CAD). they also have doughnuts that are made fresh every day by lucky’s. we went with ice coffees with almond milk and a few random doughnuts (one of which was a bacon apple fritter…it was intense).

49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver 49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver 49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver 49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver

everything we got was good. it definitely hit the spot since we were looking for a quick snack before dinner.

IMG_3971a1 49th Parallel Coffee | Vancouver

  • ambience: we love the ambience! is industrial chic a real thing? because this is how i would describe this place. if this were in los angeles, i would coin it sceney/hipster. great outdoor seating. i would definitely snag one of those seat if the weather is awesome.
  • service: high efficiency here.
  • parking: we had to drive around for a minute but didn’t really have issues.
  • overall: good coffee that goes great with the doughnuts. kyle loved the bacon apple fritter. in his words “it was the best bacon doughnut i have ever had.” i would definitely point out that he probably has only had a handful of bacon doughnuts…but this is apparently the best. i liked the soft, sugar doughnut. yum. if we weren’t trying to see everything in vancouver, i would have loved to stick around here for hours.

thanks chelsey for showing around your city!!

49th Parallel Coffee
2902 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 0C1
Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant

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Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu, HI

Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu

we were uber lucky when i had to take a quick work trip to honolulu! even more lucky that it just so happened to land on a 3 day weekend! we have both been maui and kauai together… but kyle had never been to oahu! you know what that means! food adventures!

ok. this will be quick and very simple. we fell in love with island vintage coffee.

  • best taro smoothie. ever.
  • best acai bowl. ever.

we probably walked the main strip back and forth about eight times and kept debating whether or not to get a coffee here. thank goodness we did.

i am usually not one to eat an acai bowl for breakfast… 1. because i am always hungry. 2. i don’t do healthy for breakfast. …but this is life changing.

Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu

  • acai bowl – think acai smoothie topped with fresh fruits, granola and honey. i’d eat this every day.
  • taro smoothie – delicious. not too sweet. tastes like heaven.

Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu

there’s seating inside and outside. warning: this gem gets crowded.

Island Vintage Coffee | Honolulu

ever since we came back from honolulu, we have been on the search for these two things in los angeles. obviously i would highly recommend this to anyone visiting honolulu!

Island Vintage Coffee
2301 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

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