Tacombi | New York City

Tacombi New York

what’s better than watermelon fresca and horchata on a hot, hot day in nyc? nothing. obviously.

Tacombi New York

we stumbled on tacombi walking to the chelsea market. the big jugs of sandia drank drew us in. how stupid cute is this?

Tacombi New York Tacombi New York

  • drinks: watermelon fresca is refreshing. the horchata is also good. it’s on the thicker side so we had to ask for extra ice.
  • service: everyone is ridiculously nice.
  • overall: the watermelon and horchata alone won us over. we look forward to trying food here net time.

267 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012

Neighborhood: Nolita

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Bianca | New York City

Bianca New York

before coming to nyc, we had bianca bookmarked. so when we heard that this was our friend’s (he’s italian) favorite italian restaurant in manhattan, we had to go. here is what we ordered:

  • tagliolini ai frutti di mare ($14)
  • tagliatelle alla bolognese ($11.50)
  • pomodori ($9)
  • salmone croccante ($16.50)
  • tiramisu
  • panna cotta with caramel sauce

Bianca New York Bianca New York Bianca New York

pomodori – tomatoes with red onions and anchovies. p and chris loved this.

Bianca New York

tagliatelle alla bolognese. meat sauce. pasta is amazingly fresh! the sauce was good but a little on the bland side.

Bianca New York

salmone croccante – crispy roasted salmon filet.

Bianca New York

tagliolini ai frutti di mare. clams, mussels, calamari and shrimps sauteed in garlic, evo and light tomato sauce.

Bianca New York Bianca New York

the panna cotta, in my opinion was just okay. the texture was on the jello-y side but smooth. it was slightly a little too sweet for me.

tiramisu (i am told) was pretty good. it is, however, more cream and less cake than the average tiramisu.

Bianca New York

  • food: we would describe this place as a no-frills italian restaurant. the pastas were very fresh and have very comforting, homey tastes. our pastas were a little blander than we would have liked but so fresh that it is forgivable.
  • ambience: very cute. the outer front walls completely open up providing an open air space. we dined on the earlier side so appreciated the natural light. the rest of the restaurant is pretty dark, lit with candles… making it a pretty good date spot. keep in mind that the restaurant is small and the tables are crammed together. cozy is the best way to describe this place. give its size, you and your party may have to wait during peak times.
  • service: very friendly.
  • overall: very cute italian restaurant with good, fresh pasta at extremely reasonable prices. if you are looking for a casual italian dining experience, you will definitely like this restaurant. oh. it’s cash only. be prepared.

5 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

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il Laboratorio Del Gelato | New York City


our awesome friend, lauren recommended that we stop by her favorite gelato shop, il laboratorio del gelato (near katz’s). after trying a few samples, we decided to get a scoop of the amaretto crunch and blackberry.

bomb. so bomb. amaretto crunch is so delicious. we got the blackberry since we thought it was a nice balance between creamy and tart.

Il Laboratorio Del Gelato Il Laboratorio Del Gelato

  • ice cream: scoops are on the smaller side… but still worth it in my opinion. get the amaretto crunch. you will not regret it.
  • ambience: very open space. white walls accented with orange and blue. large windows with lots of natural light. limited seating along the windows.
  • service: staff is good. during peak times, you have to grab a number and wait to be called. they are pretty efficient at servicing people even though everyone is trying to sample different flavors.
  • overall: great gelato. we will be coming back, fo sho.

il Laboratorio Del Gelato
188 Ludlow St
b/t Houston St & Stanton St
New York, NY 10002

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

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Tina’s Cuban Cuisine | New York City

Tina's Cuban Cuisine New York

kyle had this place bookmarked before going to nyc. since it was down the street from momofuku milk bar, we stopped in.

Tina's Cuban Cuisine New York

we ordered:

  • the spicy chicken plate with rice and plantains (comes with two sides)
  • beef empanada

Tina's Cuban Cuisine New York

the beef empanada was definitely the winner. super flavorful meat inside the empanada.

tip: make sure you eat it with the spicy green sauce. actually, make sure you drench anything you get here with the green sauce. we will warn you, the green sauce bottle that innocently sits on each table is indeed spicy… but oh so good. i actually felt the burn an hour after our meal.

Tina's Cuban Cuisine New York Tina's Cuban Cuisine New York

the spicy chicken plate was good. the chicken could have been moister but still delicious with green sauce. the chicken is topped with onions and tomatoes. mmm. the plantains were good (not the best) but great choice with our meal. i’m sure the other sides are bomb.

Tina's Cuban Cuisine New York

  • food: bomb. next time, i want to try all the empanadas.
  • ambience: casual cuban restaurant. you can either get hot food to go in the front of the restaurant (laid out cafeteria style) or go to the back where they have table service. keep in mind that the space in the back is pretty small. a little weird thing about the back room: there is a weird constant vibration on the floors… no idea why. but you really aren’t there for that long. so i guess it’s ok?
  • service: nice. since food is already made out front, food comes out quick. so you are in and out within 20 minutes.
  • overall: if you love spicy, flavorful food, come here. if you love sauce like me, try the green sauce. delicious. do yourself one and get an empanada!

Tina’s Cuban Cuisine
23 W 56th St
Between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10019

Neighborhood: Midtown West

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Momofuku Milk Bar | New York City

Momofuku New York

last time we were in new york city, we tried momofuku’s ramen and pork bun and fell in love. after that experience, we put momofuku milk bar on our must try list!

i will be honest and say that we did not do any homework before walking into the relatively new location in midtown west. first question to our cashier: “sorry, this is our first time here… what is crack pie?” response: “a gooey pie made of butter, sugar, eggs, cream. it is so addicting!” done! we will have one slice please!

second question: besides crack pie, what else do we absolutely need to try right now? soft serve! whaaat?! cereal milk soft serve with cornflake crunch. whaaaaaaat??!

Momofuku New York

  • cup of cereal milk soft serve ($4.50) with cornflake crunch ($0.75) – yes, just like everyone else has claimed… its like eating a bowl of cereal. but! imagine, eating the coldest bowl of cereal in your life. sounds good, right?! welp! we were fans and would highly recommend this. if you are a texture person, you will definitely love the cornflake crunch. they top your cup with it and add some to the bottom of your cup. nice touch.
  • crack pie by the slice ($5.50) – this is pretty darn good. however, it is verrrrrry sweet. (this is coming from a person who loves sweets… take it how you want to) i would recommend coffee. or! get the soft serve… it helps cut the sweet.

Momofuku New York Momofuku New York Momofuku New York Momofuku New York

milk bar is good. we will definitely be back to try other things on the menu (anyone want to split a whole birthday cake with me? it looks amazing and i have to have it!) if you had to get one thing though, i would get the soft serve… that’s just me though.

Momofuku Milk Bar
15 W 56th St
New York, NY 10019

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