Tasty n Sons | Portland, OR

Tasty n Sons | Portland Tasty n Sons | Portland

we were pretty excited to eat here! we will admit that the nice thing about portland is that every restaurant we ate at lived up to its expectations and for the most part, actually exceeded them.

came here on a saturday for brunch. the wait was about 30-45 minutes. it wasn’t too bad since we walked over to ristretto roasters to get a snack and a cup of coffee.

small plates equals over ordering because we want to try everything! here’s what we ordered:

  • sweet biscuits with raspberries & whipped cream ($6) – small plate
  • grilled chicken sandwich with grilled pineapple, spicy carrot slaw & chili aioli on sesame brioche ($11) – recommended by our waiter
  • french toast with strawberry-maple & whipped cream ($6) – we got the half order
  • “curry mee” malaysian coconut curry noodle soup ($12) – another great recommendation

Tasty n Sons | Portland Tasty n Sons | Portland

we started with the sweet biscuits. i loved these. loved. the biscuits were perfect! they came out warm and dusted with sugar…it was like dessert (my weakness)! the whipped cream and strawberries just added the the greatness. i will say that although my husband and i loved this, i can see how other people wont find this mindblowing. it’s a simple but oh so delicious.

Tasty n Sons | Portland Tasty n Sons | Portland

the “curry me” was a pleasant surprise! it was recommended by our waiter (we decided to order this over the burmese stew). great flavor but not too heavy. a million times better than the curry noodles at pok pok.

Tasty n Sons | Portland

a lot of people raved about the french toast but we were not fans. it was way too sweet for us and was just ok. i’d suggest ordering something else.

Tasty n Sons | Portland

i never order chicken burgers because it’s a gamble (dry chicken, bland… so many things could go wrong). so when the waiter recommended the chicken burger with pineapple, we were like “are you sure, man?” we listened to him ordered it, and loved it. chicken was moist, the pineapple was a great flavor addition. i would recommend this.

Tasty n Sons | Portland

  • food: this was one of our favorite meals in portland! quality food and great combination of flavors! i would recommend the biscuits, the curry, and the sandwich! ideally, i would come here with four people, so that we could try even more items from the menu! next time!
  • service: fast and efficient. they know their stuff and provide great recommendations.
  • ambience: hopefully you are lucky and get to sit next to the open window. great lighting there. the back of the restaurant is on the darker side. they have some tables that are for communal seating so get ready to make some friends!
  • overall: like i said, this was one of our favorite meals in portland and would highly recommend this place! fo sho.

Tasty n Sons
3808 N Williams Ave, Ste C
Portland, OR 97212

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Ristretto Roaster | Portland, OR

Ristretto Roasters | Portland

while you are waiting for a seat at tasty n sons, head over to ristrotto roasters for a cup of coffee and maybe even a donut! this is our advice to you even then we did the opposite. we went here after we ate at tasty n sons. oh, we were full but felt like an ice coffee and donut (you know, since it was national donut day and all).

Ristretto Roasters | Portland

cute coffee shop with a great ice coffee. great tasting donuts.

we decided to sit outside because it was 78 and sunny that day. ample seats inside and outside. minimalistic decor. great open air space. we love it.

Ristretto Roasters | Portland
Ristretto Roasters | Portland
Ristretto Roasters | Portland


Ristretto Roaster
3808 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97213

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Salt & Straw | Portland, OR

Salt & Straw | Portland

i honestly don’t need to say much about salt & straw since this is a portland staple. portland natives love it, tourists come here just to eat it, and it’s one of oprah’s favorite things! i will, however, confirm what everyone has said before me.

this place is awesome! yes, there are long lines all throughout the day but we really didn’t mind. this was the second place we went to after we got off the plane and ate it every day until we left. too much? we don’t think so.

Salt & Straw | Portland

salt & straw has three locations… we visited two of them. since we went to the one on division after a late lunch at pok pok (and on a weekday), there was no line. we were lucky enough to sample all the flavors!

so they have a their list of permanent flavors and then a few rotating flavors. their featured flavors the week we were there were signature cocktails! backstory: they partner up with local bartenders to come up with awesome ice cream flavors! cool, huh?

our absolute favorites:

  • cinnamon snickerdoodle
  • almond brittle ganache

Salt & Straw | Portland

since i don’t love chocolate, i never get to have “cookies” or “cake” in my ice cream (ie. cookies ‘n cream, dreyers thin mint ice cream, etc). so i was ecstatic when i saw snickerdoodle ice cream! large chunks of snickerdoodle cookie in my ice cream? yes, please!

also, waffle cones are a must. you can literally smell them when you are waiting in line. with that said, you wouldn’t be that big of a loser if you didn’t get a waffle cone (or would you? jk). you have the choice of sugar cone or cup. you also have a ton of options with regard to your scoops. single, double, split, kids size or even a sample flight!

Salt & Straw | Portland

this is the little hole you put your “used” spoon in. cool, huh? also, i would like to point out how perfect my ice cream scoop is!

Salt & Straw | Portland
Salt & Straw | Portland
Salt & Straw | Portland

ok, so a few tips. if you get a chance, i would go to the location on division (pictured above). it is new so the decor is stupid cute. fresher and lighter than the original location on 23rd (pictured below). lots of natural light and there’s a hole in the counter wall for your spoon (mentioned and pictured above). it’s the little things.

also, i have to give a shout out to our awesome friend at the division location who welcomed us to portland, gave us the lowdown on city, gave us a list of her favorite restaurants (ava gene’s was her absolute favorite. separate blog post to come), and made us the perfect ice cream cone for my blog! thank you! thank you!

we cannot stop raving about this place. add this to your list if you are in town!

Salt & Straw | Portland

here are some pictures of the location on 23rd. there is always a line around the corner.

Salt & Straw | Portland
Salt & Straw | Portland
Salt & Straw | Portland
Salt & Straw | Portland
Salt & Straw | Portland

Salt & Straw

838 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210
Neighborhood: Alphabet District, Northwest

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3345 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland, Clinton, Richmond

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Pok Pok | Portland, OR

Pok Pok | Portland

what was our first stop after landing in portland? pok pok! everyone raves about pok pok (my cousin included) so we just had to see what all the fuss is about.

it sits on division street, a really, really cute street/area that is definitely up and coming. so… it looks like an unassuming hut. (it made me miss thailand) if you really can’t find the hut… just look for a large crowd of people waiting to eat here.

Pok Pok | Portland

luckily, we came here on a thursday afternoon (off-peak time). we didn’t have to wait because we just took the counter seats. score! to be honest, we lucked out our whole trip and didn’t have to make any reservations in advance (i.e. salt & straw, ava gene, andina, tasty & adler). good timing?

what we ordered:

  • khao soi with chicken ($14.50)
  • spicy wings ($14.50)
  • neua naam tok ($14) – spicy isaan flank steak salad with fish sauce, lime and chili powder dressing, shallots, lemongrass, mint, cilantro.
  • sticky rice ($2.50) – it was recommended with the steak salad.
  • mango alexander ($9.50)
  • tam whiskey sour ($9.50)

Pok Pok | Portland Pok Pok | Portland

the steak salad with sticky rice was out of this world! the dish itself has familiar tastes but with a little twist. very well done in our opinion. also, the restaurant recommends ordering sticky rice with this. listen to them. the steak salad is salty and is just better with the sticky rice. one of our favorite dishes in portland.

Pok Pok | Portland Pok Pok | Portland Pok Pok | Portland

the khao soi was just okay. a little disappointing but it was our fault. we should’ve known when the waitress did not name it as one of her favorites. the curry itself was on the watery side with little taste. due to the watery consistency, it didn’t stick to the noodles or the chicken leaving them bland.

Pok Pok | Portland

the drinks are okay. not my favorite and on the expensive side. the mango alexander looked like egg nog to me. i honestly tried to get over it’s appearance but just couldn’t do it. kyle liked the whiskey sour but that was about it.

Pok Pok | Portland Pok Pok | Portland
Pok Pok | Portland

spicy wings are also delicious! perfectly crispy with punch-in-your-face flavor. people are crazy about these and we understand why. for those folks in la who know about ob bear in ktown… think about those chicken wings. very comparable. for those in la who aren’t familiar with ob bear…get yourself a korean friend and head over to ob bear for the best wings of our life. #truth

Pok Pok | Portland

  • food: this is the type of place that you just have to know what to order and you will love it. yes, the khao soi was unimpressive but the awesomeness of the steak salad and spicy wings definitely make up for that! these two dishes make pok pok one of our favorite meals in portland.
  • service: we loved the hostess and our waitress. very helpful and energetic. we regret not going with the boar collar recommendation. shame on us. there are so many more items on the menu that i would like to try! next time!
  • ambience: very, very casual. reminds me of a hut but i know i am way off with my description. wood beams and wooden tables. there are some tables (with bench seats) that will fit 6-8 people but i really wouldn’t roll any deeper than that.
  • parking: we found parking in a nearby neighborhood for free. no biggie.
  • overall: despite this being one of the more expensive meals in portland, i would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone visiting portland.

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202

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Portillo’s | Buena Park, CA

Portillos | Buena Park

oh, portillo’s.  it’s been a long time coming.  we’ve been planning to eat you for a few years now.  how wrong we were for doubting your greatness.

so our two close friends, goldman and lb, are chicago natives.  they have been urging us to go to portillo’s for awhile now.  according to them, this is THE chicago spot (best chicago hot dog?).  since this location is quite a bit away from us, it takes a bit of coordination since you need to set half a day side.  google map it… you will understand why it took so long for us to make the trek.

enter: goldman’s birthday.  he wanted nothing more but to go here and have an glutton fest for his 28th birthday.  amazing, right?! goldman, so glad we’re friends bro. so glad.

here is what we were told to order:

  • chicago dog everything on it with grilled onions
  • maxwell street-style polish (one look at this online and i was sold)
  • french fries (don’t freak out, they are crinkle cut fries… aka. cafeteria-style fries)
  • chocolate cake shake (who good could this be?)
  • portillo’s chocolate cake
  • strawberry shortcake (this wasn’t on the recommendation list but since i couldn’t try the famous chocolate cake, i wasn’t about to miss out on dessert)

Portillo's | Buena Park

so the maxwell. do you see how many grilled onions are on this bad boy? a gazillion. i scarfed this thing down in two seconds.  it was bomb.

Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park

the chicago dog (pictured below) was also delicious!  be a pro. get everything but instead of raw onions, ask for grilled.  you will thank me.

so when i went to chicago, i didn’t have much time so i just picked a random place to try a “chicago dog”.  wasn’t a huge fan and didn’t understand the hype.  portillo’s has changed my mind. it’s great. everything about it is great.  and no, you definitely don’t want to put ketchup on this thing.

for those who are still skeptical, don’t be scared. i know there’s a lot going on with this dog… but it’s a staple for a reason.

Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park

the chocolate cake shake.  simple concept. if you like chocolate cake and you love milkshakes, this is for you.  let’s just say, kyle cannot stop raving about this.  can’t stop. wont stop.

Portillo's | Buena Park

dessert time!

Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park

shout out:  thanks felicia for the cake!! goldman’s life was fulfilled that day.

Portillo's | Buena Park Portillo's | Buena Park

alright, here’s the breakdown.

  • food:  fantastic hot dogs and polish sausage.  one of my favorite hot dogs now.  one piece of advice: wear comfortable clothes (stretchy).  you’re welcome.
  • ambience:  casual hot dog joint.  eclectic interior decor.  reminds me of a typical bbq joint with a ton of stuff on the walls (like neon signs). gets packed on the weekends.  great outdoor space for large groups.
  • service:  huge menu. there will be a line so make sure you know what you want before you get to the front.  order, pay, and then wait for your food.  super efficient staff trying to get food out as quickly as they can.  keep in mind there they don’t wait on tables.  again a casual setting.
  • overall:  cheap eat.  we over ordered but it think that is the way to go (we took a nap afterwards).  solid hot dog.  we will definitely be back!  next time, we need to try the burger. we heard great things.

this would not be possible without our amigo.  happy birthday, goldman!

Portillo's | Buena Park

8390 La Palma Ave
Buena Park, CA 90620

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