Costco Food Court | Vancouver, BC

after we tried fritz’s, we wanted to find more poutine!! when we did a search, one of the more surprising results was costco! everyone raved that the poutine at costco was very comparable to fritz, at a slightly lower price (CAD $5) … but a lot bigger!

Poutine Costco Vancouver Poutine Costco Vancouver

…they were right!

we trekked quite a long way to try these babies out (in the rain). we loved it! i know what you’re thinking… it’s costco. yep, that is what we thought too! it’s pretty darn good here. and given the price and size, we consider this a winner.

Costco Food Court
605 Expo Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6B 1V4
Neighborhood: Gastown

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Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver, BC

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

we absolutely had to go to the peaceful restaurant in vancouver after (i) it was featured on triple d and (ii) after my co-worker highly recommended this place to us. they are known for: hand pulled noodles.

sidenote: this place is a little bit away from downtown so thank goodness chelsey had a car!

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

here is what we ordered:

  • pan-fried pork dumplings ($8)
  • dan-dan noodles (spicy, tangy peanut sauce, minced pork & spinach) ($8)
  • peaceful house stir-fried noodles (served with seafood, pork, vegetables & chilli garlic sauce) ($13)

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

dumplings were a great app. hot, crispy with a yummy dipping sauce (soy sauce based?).

based on the a recommendation from our waitress, we got the dan-dan noodles. i mean, this dish is classified under “sauce noodles” how do i not love it?! so the noodles… are AWESOME. we get why people rave about the noodles. they were so good! perfectly cooked and smothered in a peanut sauce… so if you aren’t a peanut fan, then don’t get this.

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

the peaceful house noodles were also great! great flavor. noodles are wet (since they were sitting in a ton of sauce…my favorite kinda noodles). this was a winner. i would definitely order this again.

Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver Peaceful Restaurant | Vancouver

  • food: a lot of people are turned off by the fact this is a tourist spot since it was featured on triple d and a lot of reviewers point out that some dishes are good but a lot of them are mediocre. i get it and can definitely see that. …good thing all of our dishes were great! we are fans. no regrets. i will say to those who are contemplating coming here… this is a hole in the wall with great noodles. don’t come here having the expectation that this will be the best meal you will ever eat. just come in for some fresh, delicious noodles.
  • service: efficient
  • ambience: not fancy (standard chinese restaurant) but clean and well lit.
  • overall: this will hit the spot on a cold day. a tip – you will go into an immediate food coma after your meal. plan accordingly. oh, and cash only.

Peaceful Restaurant
532 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9

Neighborhood: Fairview

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Fritz European Fry House | Vancouver, BC

Fritz | Vancouver

we’ve had la’s version of poutine (from animal) and we loved it. but we were excited to try the real thing in canada! when we searched for poutine, fritz was one of the more popular places who specialized in french fries smothered with gravy. …i mean just look at their menu.

we just went with a standard poutine (large)… no toppings and no special dips (even though i wanted to try them all).

Fritz | Vancouver Fritz | Vancouver Fritz | Vancouver Fritz | Vancouver

i always thought “poutine” fries were just gravy fries and didn’t realize that cheese curds were an essential part of this canadian dish!

  • food: freaking delicious!!! fries came out hot, gravy was even hotter. despite the heat, our little cheese curds didn’t really melt (mind blown). gravy tasted great and was my favorite part. oh, and the fries were crispy. delicious.
  • atmosphere: very small. there is only one little table/bench inside. we just took our order to go.
  • service: there is one lady (assuming that it is the owner) who takes the orders and makes your food. we were glad there were only 3 people up in there. expect to wait a little bit for your food (hope you aren’t starving). we heard this places gets packs during peak times.
  • overall: great fries. we read that portions are on the small side. we thought a large was the perfect size for us and CAD $8 didn’t seem that expensive since it was our meal… but we were tourists. what do we know?

Fritz European Fry House
718 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B6

Neighborhood: Downtown, Granville Entertainment District

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King’s Mongolian Bar-B-Q | Reseda, CA

King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda

king’s mongolian bbq…

  • hole in the wall.
  • teal booths with pink table clothes.
  • fluorescent lighting.
  • family owned.
  • cheap and always hits the spot. (and by hits the spot i mean mandatory nap time after your meal)

King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda

kyle and his family have been coming here since he was 10 years old… all thanks to those good ol’ entertainment books that had a coupon for this place. (remember those?) lunch time differs from dinner time. prices are cheaper at lunch but the meat isnt available in the buffet line.

i always get combination b ($7.95), one bowl of monogolian bbq, a sesame pocket, and a wonton. kyle opts for the all you can eat option. for $9.95, all you can eat noodles and meat, a sesame pocket, an egg roll, and soup. to be honest, he maxes out at one bowl.

so at lunch time, you tell the lovely waitress what kind of meat you want. i went for the beef and pork. yeah, they don’t skimp out on the meat here.

King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda

since i only get one bowl, i pile mine prettttty high. it’s called skills. for sauce, i go for the spicy combination: 5 of sauce A (spicy), 2 spoons of sauce C (ginger), 2 spoons of chili and half a spoon of oil. i like to also top mine off with curry powder. …ta da!

King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda King's Mongolian BBQ | Reseda

i like to add sweet and sour sauce to my noodles…in addition to sriracha! yum!

  • parking: parking lot never too full. never any issues.
  • service: two amazingly nice and friendly ladies own this place… have owned this place. they are awesome!
  • ambience: nothing fancy or modern… just think hole in the wall.
  • overall: we love coming here for lunch when we are in the area. don’t let the exterior / interior of this place fool you. sometimes it’s the hole in the walls that blow you away. food is yummy, cheap, fast, and customizable. tip: don’t skimp out on the sauces. remember that it is diluted with all the veggies you choose and by the water they spray on your noodles while cooking it.

King’s Mongolian Bar-B-Q
19652 Vanowen St
Reseda, CA 91335

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Firehouse Restaurant | Tarzana, CA

for those of us who live/lived in the valley, firehouse is sort of a gem…just sayin’. so, i’ll keep this short and sweet. small restaurant that sits on victory blvd. nothing fancy. just great gyros!

Firehouse Restaurant | Tarzana

  • food: we go here when we need a gyro fix. tzatziki is delicious (i can drink this stuff)! also, portions are a good size and meat is always moist and full of flavor. note that we have only ordered the gyros here so cannot speak for the rest of the menu.
  • parking: there is a small lot next to the restaurant. we never have issues.
  • service: owner/staff are super friendly. fast service.
  • ambience: there’s a lot going on with regards to decor. murals, sculptures, etc in a relatively small spot.
  • overall: this place rocks and is definitely one of the favorites in the valley.

Firehouse Restaurant
18450 Victory Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91335
Neighborhood: Tarzana

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