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San Francisco Candlestick Park | Lions v Niners


this was it. the weekend we have all been anticipating (for months now). the lions v. niners game! if you followed the game, you know that the lions lost 19 to 27. despite this loss (yes, we rooted for the lions and are still in mourning), we had an awesome time with our friends (who are niners fans. boo) and made a few new friends too! this was our first tailgate…and let me tell you, it was the best/fanciest one ever. we had a four course meal (enough said):

  1. atomic buffalo turds (if you dont know what that is, check this out)
  2. carne asada tacos
  3. brats
  4. buffalo wings

each course was filled in between with chips, salsa, guac, veggie/dip, more chips and beer (home brewed). special thanks to mahls and mark for putting this together! #epic did we also tell you that we play in two different fantasy leagues? so there is even more competition between all of us than shown in these fine pictures. (we took a lot of pictures. it took a lot of self-restraint not to put all of them up on this post)

IMG_7273a1 IMG_7295a1 IMG_7285a1 IMG_7302a1 Niners-Lions2 IMG_7310a1 IMG_7316a1 Niners-Lions IMG_7321a1 IMG_7322a1 IMG_7333a1 IMG_7341a1

side note: it is difficult trying to find detroit gear in los angeles. (VERY difficult). after calling 8 lids, kyle finally found a lions hat. we went crazy when a store actually had detroit items…hence the scarf, bracelets, and t-shirts.

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900 Grayson | Berkeley, CA

we’re back from the bay area! for this special weekend, we went up north to see the lions vs. niners game in san francisco with a few friends. road trip? norcal? friends? 2 days of eating and drinking? detroit vs sf? best weekend ever?! first stop (literally first stop after a 5.5 hour drive, which started at 2:30am) was 900 grayson in oakland/berkeley. kyle and i fell in love with this place last time we visited the bay (thank you stell and p for introducing us) and have been talking about it non-stop since then. SO we decided to spread the love to LB and B. 8am. we were the first few people to get there. this place is normally packed with an average wait of 30 -60 minutes for a group.

900 Grayson | Berkeley 900 Grayson | Berkeley

we ordered the “demon lover” – fried chicken on top of a delicious waffle, topped with amazing gravy. the best chicken and waffles ever (and this is coming from a group of people from LA who have roscoe’s chicken and waffles). since we had a whole agenda planned with regards to food, we decided to split one order per two people. this was a mistake because we immediately wanted more.

900 Grayson | Berkeley 900 Grayson | Berkeley

this is the dish i look forward to when i come to the bay and would highly recommend it. a few tips: (i) the restaurant’s policy is that they will not seat you if your whole party isnt present. (ii) expect long lines during the weekend (esp brunch)…but it is absolutely worth it. (iii) try their homemade hot sauce…its uber tasty!

900 Grayson
900 Grayson St
(between 7th St & 8th St)
Berkeley, CA 94710
Neighborhood: West Berkeley

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Darci & Andrew’s Wedding | Marina Del Rey

whew. it has been a little crazy here in la. guess who had two weddings in one weekend that happened to be week one of football season?! us! hectic and tired would be the appropriate words here BUT! both weddings were amazing. i did get to snap a few photos from the first wedding and have to share since it was pretty much perfect. congrats to d&a, we love you!

ps. isnt the ritz in marina del rey beautiful?!

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BCD Tofu House | Koreatown, Los Angeles

BCD Tofu House | Los Angeles

thursday night ktown adventure! this has been what we have done the past two weeks…i’m pretty much calling it our new tradition, replacing (temporarily) our hot dog thursdays! thanks to e & c, we went to BCD tofu house (did you know that in korean, “tofu” is pronounced “dooboo”?) anyway, we absolutely loved it at BCD.

BCD Tofu House | Los Angeles

food: banchan – great as always. my favorite is the fish cake! kimchi was also delicious and garlic-y. some other side dishes included pickles in water, a fish (one for everyone), raw squid, and kimchi-like peppers.

tofu soup (“soon tofu” or “soon doo-boo”) was awesome! if you have never been to a korean tofu house, they come in little (freaking hot-as-heck) clay pots! warning: if you get your soup spicy, you will not only be dealing with the scorching heat from the soup, but your mouth will also be on fire. expect some sweat and tears, my friend. here is what we ordered:

  • me: dumpling soon doo-boo
  • kyle: spicy pork bulgogi combo with the seafood soon doo-boo
  • e: kimchi soon tofu (see e, i’m using it interchangeably, like a g)
  • c: original soon tofu

BCD Tofu House | Los Angeles BCD Tofu House | Los Angeles BCD Tofu House | Los Angeles BCD Tofu House | Los Angeles

  • service: nicest ladies ever! i’m not going to lie, it could have been because i was testing out my korean with them and i think it rocked their world. i kid. but really, so nice, attentive, polite. we love good service! since this place is open 24 hours, i wonder if the services is excellent all throughout the day? my instincts say yes!
  • location: ample parking. i’m told they just remodeled. it looks great. clean.
  • verdict: so freaking great. granted, we ate it while it was 90 degrees outside with flash flood warnings, still awesome. for $9 dollars, its a lot of food. i do note that kyle got the combo which was $15 and that was just way too much food. next time, he would only get the tofu soup. we both fell in love with this place.

BCD Tofu House
3575 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Neighborhood: Koreatown

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Baby Blues BBQ | West Hollywood, CA

Baby Blues BBQ | Hollywood

this is a series i wanted to call “hey, you have some bbq sauce on your face” however, i decided it was mean to post pictures of our friends as they chowed down on this bbq.

Baby Blues BBQ | Hollywood Baby Blues BBQ | Hollywood

so we have been on this best bbq in los angeles hunt for the past few months. a month ago we went to gus’ in pasadena and to our disappointment, it was subpar. nothing was hot, the bbq sauce wasnt my favorite, the cornbread wasnt great and the ice cream had freezer burn. but that is a whole other story. we then decided to try baby blues bbq in hollywood since we have heard so much about it! we were reading all these reviews about the place prior to meeting up with friends so we were expecting long lines. to our surprise, we didn’t have to wait at all…and on a friday night! score!

Baby Blues BBQ | Hollywood Baby Blues BBQ | Hollywood Baby Blues BBQ | Hollywood

the food: the bbq was good…but i was expecting better? i did appreciate the variety of bbq to try. i’m a big fan of sweet bbq sauce and this one is pretty good. i had the pork ribs, which fell off the bone (which is love about ribs. i know that some people feel differently about this)…but something was missing. the sides were ehh. i wasnt a big fan of the coleslaw or the bread. sad, i know.

my husband had the burger (i know). he said it was okay. not the best he’s had but he didnt feel like ribs. everyone else generally enjoyed their meal.

dessert: banana bread pudding. YUMM. a small cup of deliciousness.

would i go back? i’m on the fence about this one. the ambience is fun and loud…parking…not so fun.

Baby Blues BBQ
7953 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Baby Blues BBQ on Urbanspoon

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