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11 12, 2012

Dim Sum @ Ocean Seafood | Chinatown Los Angeles

By | December 11th, 2012 | Food, Restaurants | 0 Comments

i have been going to ocean seafood in chinatown since as long as i can remember. my family and i have tried other dim sum joints up and down the street but always end up coming back to this one. my favorite things to get:

  • shrimp shu mai ($3.38)
  • house special har gow ($3.38)
  • shrimp rice noodle ($4.58)

food comes out hot and fast. tastes delicious. what more can you ask for?

keep in mind… service here isnt great. to their defense, a lot of the workers dont speak english and their job is to push you to buy items from their cart. i normally hate this stuff but to be honest… you’re in, order, eat up, and out within 15-20 minutes. so i dont really mind.

Ocean Seafood | Los Angeles

Ocean Seafood Restaurant
750 N Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Neighborhood: Chinatown

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10 12, 2012

3rd Annual Friendsgiving

By | December 10th, 2012 | Food, Friends, Holidays, Life | 3 Comments

since we left for thailand right after thanksgiving, i havent had a chance to share some pictures from our 3rd annual friendsgiving festivities! to giving thanks and our wonderful friends!

IMG_7777-2-1 IMG_7773-1 IMG_7792-2-1 IMG_7806-2-1 IMG_7802-2-1 IMG_7785-1 IMG_7796-1 IMG_7812-1 IMG_7827-1 IMG_7797-1
IMG_7811-1 IMG_7814-1 IMG_7843-1
IMG_7817-1 IMG_7794-1 IMG_7875-1 IMG_7776-1
IMG_7824-1 IMG_7825-1 IMG_7784-1

10 12, 2012

Thailand…According To Our iPhones

By | December 10th, 2012 | Thailand, Travel | 8 Comments

chiang mai, bangkok, and phuket in no particular order

mai khao beach Yi Peng Festival breakfast kao soi IMG_3609 IMG_2878 IMG_2889 IMG_2902 IMG_2912 IMG_2971 IMG_3017 IMG_3085 cooking class IMG_3166 IMG_3169 IMG_3171 IMG_3259 IMG_3260 IMG_3262 IMG_3263 climbing the stairs of wat arun in bangkok IMG_3296 reclining buddha - wat po IMG_3302 bike riding through bangkok IMG_3393 IMG_3405 bangkok IMG_3417 first sunset in phuket letting go of a lantern phuket IMG_2970 IMG_2971 meet peng! noodles for breakfast! IMG_3190 chiang mai landscape after the rain IMG_3224 IMG_3225 IMG_2966 IMG_2967 phang nga bay - aka james bond island IMG_3571 phang nga bay - aka james bond island IMG_3578 IMG_3579 our hotel in phuket IMG_3581 IMG_3582 IMG_3583 pineapple fried rice IMG_2968 IMG_2969 IMG_3585 IMG_3586 IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3591 IMG_3592

3 12, 2012

Greetings from Thailand!

By | December 3rd, 2012 | Thailand, Travel | 5 Comments

why hello there mr. elephant!

greeting from chiang mai!

we have been in thailand for a few days now and are having an amazing time! just wanted to say hi to our family and friends! thought you would like this picture.


24 11, 2012

Son of a Gun | Mid-City Los Angeles

By | November 24th, 2012 | Food, Restaurants | 2 Comments

one of our favorite restaurants in la right now is son of a gun. we went there a year ago not thinking much about this place since we had to wait two hours to sit at a communal table (didn’t eat until 9:45pm. one word – hunger). after this incident, we learned our lesson and made a reservation this time.

Son of a Gun |Los Angeles

our absolute favorites:

  • lobster roll, celery, lemon aioli – delicious! (pictured below)
  • shrimp toast sandwich, herbs, sriracha mayo – i’m pretty much in love with the shrimp toast. its very small (smaller than my palm)… so i would recommend ordering at least one for yourself. (pictured below)
  • fried chicken sandwich, spicy b&b pickle slaw, rooster aioli – when we tried it the first time, we thought “is this the best fried chicken sandwich ever?!” second time we tried it, we thought “yep, this is the best fried chicken sandwich ever!” (pictured below)

Son of a Gun | Los Angeles IMG_7720-1a1

other things we have tried:

  • linguine and clams, uni aglio-olio, chili, breadcrumbs – i wasn’t too excited or impressed with the linguine…sorry.
  • oysters on the half shell – these were okay. i have had better oysters before. (pictured below)
  • dungeness crab, daikon, apple, yuzu – good but very, very small. its on the sweet side. (pictured below)

ambience: small, nautical-themed. gets pretty loud (especially at the communal table at dinner time) but then again, i loved the vibe.

service: very knowledgable about the food and have really good recommendations.

thoughts: son of a gun has pretty outstanding dishes (i.e. shrimp toast, fried chicken sandwich, and lobster roll). we compare a lot of what we eat to these dishes because they are that good. (yep) the other dishes we have tried are okay but because they have such a relatively large menu, we continue to be excited about trying all their other dishes (lobster blt and peel and eat shrimp). this place is on the pricey side and plates are small…but discovering the most delicious thing ever? all worth it.

tips: there are no substitutions.

Son of a Gun | Los Angeles Son of a Gun | Los Angeles Son of a Gun | Los Angeles

Son of a Gun
8370 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Neighborhood: Mid-City West

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