The Kitchen Sink @ The Olde San Francisco Creamery

San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco

we were first introduced to the kitchen sink at the san francisco creamery via one of our favorite shows: man vs. food. kyle, as many of you know, is obsessed with eating challenges. (i think secretly he would like to be an eating champion in another life) so when we saw the kitchen sink challenge, we immediately put it on our MUST TRY list. ice cream, eating challenge in a sink? we are in.

San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco

for $39.95, the olde san francisco creamery co, will put together (for your pleasure): 3 sliced bananas, 8 gigantic scoops of ice cream, 8 services of toppings, a mountain of whipped cream, nuts and cherries…in a specially designed sink! (i know) we are sad to say that even though we made a trek to walnut creek, kyle did not attempt this ice cream challenge (this time) because we had already been eating all day and had a fully day of eating ahead of us. we shared this baby with 6 people…and we all are very embarrassed to say that we did not even finish it. despite this embarrassment, kyle still believes he can do the challenge alone (i know).

San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco

check this monstrosity for yourself (warning! these pictures get pretty gross at the end):favorite flavors: cheesecake and toasted almond

  • recommendations for next time: don’t get gummy bears. not only is it scattered on top, it is stuffed inside the ice cream layers so they do become rock solid in a few minutes. not going to lie, i felt sick one and a half scoops in. but, it was definitely something that i loved doing with our awesome friends who agreed to do this for us. i recommend this for parties of 6 or more (the menu says for a party of up to 6) i think a party of 8 is fine.
  • ambience: cute creamery in a downtown walnut creek. everything you expect a creamery to be.
  • service: pleasant! they immediately knew we were doing the challenge! could it be because we came in there…guns blazing and looked amped?
  • overall: i’d come back here to watch kyle suffer through this kitchen sink challenge….and also to do this shinanigans for a celebration of some sort. ice cream was good but mind blowing? probably not. what will blow your mind is the sink they put it in. it’s pretty cool. we went a good 5 minutes just taking pictures of it and with it. fact. oh, san francisco creamery, you were fun. until next time.

San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco San Francisco Creamery | San Francisco

The Olde San Francisco Creamery
1370 Locust St
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Get Shaved | Northridge, CA

Get Shaved | Northridge

there are only a few reasons why one would know about the valley (san fernando valley) or even venture over here:

  1. you lived/grew up here.
  2. you work here.
  3. you welcome 95-100 degree weather any day (and literally at time even at midnight)
  4. or you know about the valley’s little secret called get shaved.

Get Shaved | Northridge Get Shaved | Northridge

its been a relatively mild summer. however, i feel like the heat’s been picking up and it officially feels like summer for me. this could be because it was the first time that i’ve lounged by a pool all summer. with the heat picking up and it being 85-88 degrees on average in our home, we have been going crazy with this dessert/ice cream business. enter: get shaved. it is the closest thing (in our opinion) to shaved ice in hawaii (still the best). i forgot to mention that there is brian’s shaved ice in santa monica, which is also pretty high up there in the ranking. anyway, hope you are enjoying this weather! i know that although i come out of the subway sweating, i’m enjoying every minute of it!

Get Shaved | Northridge

  • favorite flavor: monkey brains.
  • advice: its pretty filling. i cant finish a medium by myself. also, go for the ice cream. go big or go home.
  • parking: ample
  • service: good. considering they are making your little cup of heaven in a small, hot, cramped hut-like structure on a 90-degree day…and smiling. i consider that pretty darn good.


Get Shaved
9255 Reseda Blvd
Northridge, CA 91324
Neighborhood: Northridge

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Frog Frozen Yogurt | Hollywood, CA

Frog Frozen Yogurt | Hollywood Frog Frozen Yogurt | Hollywood

i cant rave about this place enough. frog frozen yogurt. we have been here a couple of times now and love it because:

  1. yogurt is delicious with more non-chocolate flavors than chocolate (yay for me),
  2. the lighting here is awesome! they can change the colors for you if you ask!
  3. they give to the community! boom.

Frog Frozen Yogurt | Hollywood Frog Frozen Yogurt | Hollywood

remember this post here? this is a mural by a local la artist, which was displayed for about a month and then auctioned off. proceeds go to a local non-profit organization. they feature local artists every month (i think this is awesome) and they also sell t-shirts with proceeds going to feedla! uh-mazing, right?

Frog Frozen Yogurt Bar
1550 Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Neighborhood: Hollywood

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Susina Bakery & Cafe | Los Angeles, CA

Susina Bakery | Los Angeles

susina bakery & cafe in mid-city is famous for its berry blossom cake. we found this bakery via our favorite source, yelp. 612 reviews, four solid stars later, people are still raving about this cake calling it “the stuff of dreams.” obviously we needed to try it.

Susina Bakery | Los Angeles Susina Bakery | Los Angeles Susina Bakery | Los Angeles Susina Bakery | Los Angeles

verdict: ugh, i love cake. good thing this one it is pretty awesome. moist, not too sweet (although we didnt eat a lot of the frosting…) and just delicious! the berries make me think it’s a healthier option… #denial.

anyway, we get the hype and we will definitely be back.

Susina Bakery | Los Angeles

Susina Bakery & Cafe
7122 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Neighborhood: Mid-City West

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Cold Noodles @ Myung Dong Kyoja | Koreatown

Myung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles

food adventures in k-town are absolutely the best! especially with our friends e & c who know the area so well. on this specific day, we were craving cold korean noodles since its been so hot recently. they took us to myung dong kyoja on wilshire. this place is apparently open 24/7! crazy, isnt it? so a perk from having awesome friends who speak korean, they ordered for us!

Myung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles Myung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles Myung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles Myung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles

  • food: cold noodles, cold noodles, cold noodles! its what they are known for and rightfully so. before this, all i knew was dong chi mi gookso from corner place. mind blown. this is definitely a perfect place to eat on a hot day and surprisingly, it could be considered a rather light dinner (if you dont order any kbbq). side note: dumplings were also very yummy! (we got them as an appetizer). kyle and i are absolutely in love with kimchi. let me give you the low down on the kimchi served at this establishment: you will smell all night and into the next day. this stuff is strong! be prepared…consider yourself warned.
  • service: friendly
  • parking: no issues on the street

Myung Dong Kyoja
3630 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Myung Dong Kyoja on Urbanspoon

so not only did e & c take us to this place, on top of that, they took us to a korean bakery nearby (in a supermarket plaza). where, i should mention, we ate red bean filled donuts and ice cream bars! i die.

Bosco Bakery Cafe | Los Angeles Bosco Bakery Cafe | Los Angeles Bosco Bakery Cafe | Los Angeles

i dream about this donut quite often. sick, i know.

Bosco Bakery Cafe
928 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Bosco Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

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