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14 11, 2013

LA’s Best Sandwiches That Will Change Your Life

By | November 14th, 2013 | Food, Restaurants | 0 Comments

who doesn’t love a solid sandwich? it could be the perfect bun, bold sauce, delicious meat… or a combination of all three? i think la has some pretty phenomenal sandwiches. here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. mendocino farms – “mendo” has the best sandwiches. huge menu. favorites are pork belly banh mi, not-so-fried chicken sandwich, and prosciutto chicken!
  2. son of a gun – fried chicken sandwich
  3. porto’s bakery – delicious cuban sandwiches
  4. dan’s super subs – amazing sub sandwiches
  5. urth cafe – amazing curry chicken sandwich

Son of a Gun

son of a gun – fried chicken sandwich

Porto's Bakery

porto’s bakery

Bay Cities

bay cities – god mother sandwich

feel free to click here to see more amazing sandwich spots! i am always on the search more sandwiches so would love any recommendations!

happy thursday!

13 11, 2013

Best Desserts: Los Angeles

By | November 13th, 2013 | Coffee, Tea, & Bakeries, Dessert, Food, Restaurants | 1 Comment

i am a huge dessert person (i usually hold back on dinner in order to make room for something sweet). however, being a non-chocolate lover limits me when it comes to desserts… lucky me! my husband usually researches restaurants who have non-chocolate desserts! (he rocks, i know)

i decided to make a list of my favorite in los angeles! here are the top 5:

  1. sara j – strawberry shortcake
  2. firefly – banana bread pudding
  3. green street tavern – white chocolate croissant bread pudding, blueberry and white chocolate sauce
  4. salju dessert – best shaved snow
  5. prosecco trattoria – best panna cotta

Green Street Tavern

green street tavern – white chocolate croissant bread pudding.

prosecco trattoria – panna cotta

prosecco trattoria – panna cotta.

for a complete list of my favorite desserts, please click here!

11 11, 2013

Seahawks @ CenturyLink Field | Seattle, WA

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ah, centurylink field… the whole reason the four of us were in seattle. the stadium… was amazing and everything we had hoped for. yes, it was loud. yes, seahawks fans are pretty awesome… makes you want to be a…marshawn lynch fan?

not going to lie, the neon green grew on me the more and more i saw fans with jerseys. i almost bought a beastmode jersey myself. i’m crazy. i have too many favorite teams. hence i had to be neutral and wear an NFL shirt.

(note that all these pictures are taken with my iphone since there were limitations on what you could bring into the stadium…)

i will say…spending sunday watching football with your friends is amazing. going to a football game with friends…even better.


the seahawks vs. jags game started at 1pm. that meant that we had to search for a place to watch football. first stop: fuel. the negative thing about this place is that good seats required a minimum of 6 or more. even if you were a party of 4… you couldn’t sit there and let a party of 2 sit with you. so even when we came early, there weren’t too many options for us since we were rolling only 4 deep. we decided to leave since the seats that were available to us…sucked.

Fuel Sports Eats & Beats
164 Washington St
(between S Occidental Ave & S 2nd Avenue Extended)
Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

Fuel Sports Eats and Beats on Urbanspoon

onto the next place: 88 keys dueling piano & sports bar! as we were walking toward the stadium, someone on a microphone told us to come in…and a good choice it was! get ready though…for a sea of seahawks.


loved it here. big open space with lots of tables and lots of tvs mounted high so that you can see it from most of the seats. we chose our seats closest to the teams we were rooting for (in life and in fantasy). obviously lions game (for kyle) and the chargers game (for bryan).

food & drinks were a rather good deal. i think a bucket of beers were around $15. breakfast burritos were good and cheap. we also ordered bloody marys and nachos. all good sports bar food.


if you do go to a seahawks game, i would say this is one of the better places to watch football closer to the stadium.

88 Keys Dueling Piano & Sports Bar
315 2nd Ave S
(between Main St & Jackson St)
Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

88 Keys Dueling Piano and Sports Bar on Urbanspoon


off to the game! it started to pour… stella and i left for the stadium before the guys since the lions game had not finished yet. we headed out early because from past experience (candlestick – niners game)…it took forever to get passed the gate (it took 30 minutes to jus get tickets scanned and bags searched). we just didnt want to miss the beginning of the game.

lines are intimidating but super efficient. we got in within 5 minutes. (1 point centurylink. 0 points candlestick)

IMG_0241a1 IMG_0256a1 IMG_0262a1 IMG_0271a1 IMG_0276a1 IMG_0281a1 IMG_0282a1 IMG_0289a1 IMG_0285a1 IMG_0292a1 IMG_0290a1

we had an amazing time in seattle. yes, the game was a blowout (seahawks vs. jaguars)…but it was still fun (lots of screaming and chanting). thanks seattle, for the awesome stadium experience. we loved you. oh, and yes, i will remember not to wear red to your game. i dont know what i was thinking.


can’t wait to plan next year’s trip!

11 11, 2013

Happy Hour @ List | Downtown Seattle, WA

By | November 11th, 2013 | Food, Photography, Restaurants, Seattle, Travel | 1 Comment

List | Seattle

after hard rock café, we decided to mosey to another happy hour spot. we ended up at list. we heard/read that they had decent happy hour.

despite the weather being less than perfect (pretty chilly and about to rain), we decided to sit outside in the patio area for the natural light. the dining/bar area is extremely dark. lit mostly by candle light. pretty romantic. too bad none of us were feeling romantic at 5pm.

List | Seattle List | Seattle

so here is the deal with happy hour at list: all items under their food list at 50%. bottle of wine – $14. pretty darn good. happy hour for fridays are 4pm – 6:30pm.

we ordered a bottle of the red wine…because it was named “stella” it was obviously meant to be. for small bites, we went with the calamari ($5) and the broccoli ($4) (oh you know, we light to keep a relatively balance diet. ha. ha.).

List | Seattle List | Seattle List | Seattle List | Seattle List | Seattle List | Seattle

  • happy hour food: both calamari and broccoli dishes were ok. nothing crazy gourmet about these two items. the happy hour size is on the smaller side. still, tastes pretty good when you’re drinking. we enjoyed our wine… and for $14 a bottle? we enjoyed it even more.
  • ambience: this place was pretty packed when we got there. good thing we were the only crazy people who wanted to sit outside in the drizzle and freezing cold.
  • service: friendly staff. attentive despite the crowds, which is always a plus.
  • overall: i’d come back here for happy hour for sure. to enjoy a bottle of wine. we actually didn’t stay here very long since we were icicles after 45 minutes. we asked our awesome waitress for other happy hour recommendations. she guided us to a speakeasy close by (the speakeasy is called bathtub gin & co. it’s in a pretty tight space. drinks were just ok and expensive. we thought it was eh). i would recommend list as one many bars you should bar hop during happy hour in downtown seattle. $14 bottles of wine? i would do that any day. fo sho.

2226 1st Ave
(between Bell St & Blanchard St)
Seattle, WA 98121
Neighborhood: Belltown

List on Urbanspoon

7 11, 2013

Rooftop Happy Hour @ Hard Rock Cafe | Downtown Seattle, WA

By | November 7th, 2013 | Food, Restaurants, Seattle, Travel | 1 Comment

Hardrock Cafe | Seattle

i would usually never post a review of hard rock cafe because it’s everywhere and everyone’s been… but it is a great place for happy hour in downtown seattle! we found out about this semi-secret happy hour spot from our lyft driver!

Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle

so this rooftop area is not advertised…but views are great of pike market place and the water. make sure you come up here and hang out on a nice day! (we couldn’t stop taking pictures) happy hour drinks are a good deal. if you’re like us, you will be staying here for a couple of hours… at least.

Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle

Hard Rock Cafe
116 Pike St
(between News Ln & 1st Ave)
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

Hard Rock Cafe on Urbanspoon