Bea Beas | Burbank Bea Beas | Burbank

as many of you know, its hard for kyle and i to enjoy breakfast since we arent really egg people, nor do we love, love pancakes. (i know) so when we found this little gem-of-a-place (last september), we (i) went there every weekend, (ii) brought friends here, (iii) made our friends avid bea bea-goers, (iv) tried quite a few things on the menu (trust me, pretty much everything is good here), and (v) became friends with the waiters (it’s pretty bad when the waitress says, “hey, weren’t you here yesterday?”). this is our little breakfast spot and i thought it needed to be show cased on my blog!

this place gets hella packed on Sundays at 10-11am. hence, we like to go early so we arent waiting for our food (i get a cranky when i’m not fed). in summary, things i feel are a MUST TRY:

  • the MK (pictured above) – we get this every single time. cream cheese croisant french toast topped with strawberries and whipped cream. yum.
  • oh-em-gee – another one of their popular dishes. the waitresses even wear shirts that say “oh-em-gee”. hawaiian bread french toast & sweet cinnamon honey butter
  • spicy chicken wrap – kyle and i can really eat too much sweet for breakfast so one of us usually orders a sweet and the other one orders savory and we share. we always opt for this wrap because its so delicious! chicken is crispy, which is always a good thing.

Bea Beas | Burbank Bea Beas | Burbank

they have a huge breakfast menu (see picture above) and a huge lunch menu. they are not open for dinner.

Bea Beas | Burbank

  • service – super friendly here. we noticed that they have a lot more waiters/waitresses now. good thing because they are always busy.
  • atmosphere – i would describe this place as homey. super simple, cute breakfast place in burbank
  • parking – ample. same plaza as the vons.
  • verdict – highly recommend this place for brunch. maybe if youre lucky, you’ll see me there too!


Bea Bea’s
353 N Pass Ave
Burbank, CA 91505
Neighborhood: Burbank

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