Rooftop Happy Hour @ Hard Rock Cafe | Downtown Seattle, WA

Hardrock Cafe | Seattle

i would usually never post a review of hard rock cafe because it’s everywhere and everyone’s been… but it is a great place for happy hour in downtown seattle! we found out about this semi-secret happy hour spot from our lyft driver!

Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle

so this rooftop area is not advertised…but views are great of pike market place and the water. make sure you come up here and hang out on a nice day! (we couldn’t stop taking pictures) happy hour drinks are a good deal. if you’re like us, you will be staying here for a couple of hours… at least.

Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle Hardrock Cafe | Seattle

Hard Rock Cafe
116 Pike St
(between News Ln & 1st Ave)
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

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Biscuit Bitch | Downtown Seattle, WA

Biscuit Bitch Seattle

we were excited to try out biscuit bitch and actually tried to come here twice! since it was closed the first time we tried, we had to trek through the rain to come here the second time. dedication.

Biscuit Bitch Seattle

here is the gigantic menu. yep. be ready to feel overwhelmed. we ordered the smokin’ hot bitch. biscuits, gravy, cheese, louisiana hot link, and jalapenos…all for $8.90!

Biscuit Bitch Seattle Biscuit Bitch Seattle Biscuit-Bitch Biscuit Bitch Seattle

we got the medium cup of the seattle fog at the recommendation of our cashier. best decision ever. earl grey with a splash of vanilla, soy milk and a slice of orange. amazing!

Biscuit Bitch Seattle Biscuit Bitch Seattle Biscuit Bitch Seattle Biscuit Bitch Seattle

  • ambience: eclectic. there is a lot goin’ on in here. limited seating.
  • service: cashier was uber friendly. we owe it to him for the great seattle fog tea recommendation!
  • overall: the biscuit was actually a little bit of a let down. we thought the biscuit itself was going to blow us away. it was just okay. the gravy was on the bland side. the link was great. so if you asked me if it was worth the long walk in the rain and the long wait? no, not really. however, the seattle fog was amazing! when i come here next time, that is what i will be ordering.

Biscuit Bitch (inside of Caffe Lieto)
1909 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

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Lola | Downtown Seattle, WA


lola… another tom douglas spot. we read numerous recommendations to come here for breakfast. so it made our list. before coming here, we glanced at the menu and were excited to try the golden brown pancakes and pork-maple sausage, vanilla mascarpone, maple syrup. nope. ran out. burn.

this was unexpected. even more, breakfast isn’t our “thing” since we arent egg lovers. ya know? we ended up ordering:

  • tom’s big breakfast – mediterranean octopus, squash, leeks, bacon, onion, heirloom peppers, sage, garlic yogurt, poached egg, toast ($18)
  • made-to-order doughnuts – seasonal jam, vanilla mascarpone ($8)
  • smashed garlic-fried potatoes ($5)

Lola | Downtown Seattle Lola | Downtown Seattle

when we saw octopus as a breakfast menu item, we weren’t thinking “oh hey, for sure we need to get this”. it was our waitress who highly recommended this since the pancakes were unavailable. i think her exact words were “incredible”. how could you not get this? what if it ends up being like the octopus dish at asia de cuba (which we ended up loving despite initial hesitation)?

it was good but nothing mind blowing. i will say that the yogurt was a nice surprise. not sure why we thought the octopus would be crispy on the outside, softer on the inside… it was just ok. this dish is actually pretty pricey in my opinion especially since it’s short of spectacular and it’s…breakfast.

Lola | Downtown Seattle

and now come the doughnuts! remember how i said i fell in love with these tom douglas doughnuts? here is where i got my first introduction! i’m telling you. love at first sight. they come out fresh and hot with two dipping sauces: seasonal jam (i had strawberry) and a vanilla mascarpone.

these doughnuts are a winner. these squarely shaped and amazingly soft “doughnut holes” are perfectly paired with the two dipping sauces which are not too sweet… a perfect spin to a classic.

Lola | Downtown Seattle Lola | Downtown Seattle

smashed garlic potatoes were good. crispy on the outside. you can’t go wrong with potatoes.

Lola | Downtown Seattle

  • service: pretty friendly. it wasn’t hard for us to get a reservation for breakfast/brunch (but then again we came here on a thursday morning). they were pretty accommodating when i asked to switched tables in order to sit next to a window to take my awesome pictures (jk).
  • ambience: warm tones. high ceilings. nice spot for brunch.
  • overall: despite the ok, expensive octopus recommendation, i have to say that i am a fan of this place because of the doughnuts. they were pretty much a saving grace for me. it was a bummer that the pancakes weren’t available but in retrospect…it was probably a good thing since it led me to order the doughnuts! i mean, yes, you could always go across the street and get the doughnuts at the bakery but the nice thing about getting them here is that you get to sit down and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. just sayin’.

2000 4th Ave
(between Virginia St & Lenora St)
Seattle, WA 98121
Neighborhood: Belltown

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Serious Pie | Seattle, WA

Serious Pie Seattle

serious pie. restaurant #2 by tom douglas that we had to visit! reasons:

  • we love pizza.
  • it is open relatively late (until 11pm).
  • everyone (thousands of people) rave about this place.

Serious Pie Seattle

we actually ended up coming here twice. this was the first place we went to after getting off the plane. since we loved it, we had to make b and stella try it. here are the pizzas we got, why and our thoughts:

  • sweet fennel sausage, roasted peppers, provolone
  • yukon gold potato, rosemary, pecorino romano
  • roasted golden chanterelle mushrooms, truffle cheese

Serious Pie Seattle

pizzas here range from $15 to 17 and are meant to be shared. thin, crispy crust. a hungry guy (aka kyle) could put one pizza down by himself easy peasy. two pizzas between the two off us would have been too excessive. one pizza meant that we needed to get dessert (enter coconut cream pie).

the sausage w/ roasted pepper pizza (pictured above)! great pizza. awesome flavor. crunchy crust. we got this since our waitress recommended we get a “red sauce” pizza with our potato pizza (oil based? sounds disgusting. i don’t know how else to describe it. pretty much the opposite of red sauce). btw, that was such a good recommendation! i think this was an overall favorite.

Serious Pie Seattle Serious Pie Seattle

we had to get the potato pizza because we’ve never had one before! plus, it was recommended by the waitress. it was pretty good but we wished it was better. it’s more on the mild side with no punch of flavor that we were looking for. still, it is good.

Serious Pie Seattle

yeah, my friends hate me for doing this to them.

truffle mushroom pizza was my favorite (and kyle too)! mushrooms (check). truffle oil (check). bold truffle flavor. generous amount of mushrooms. so good. so so good.

Serious Pie Seattle Serious Pie Seattle

  • food: kyle is a pizza-kinda-guy. sometimes i feel bad that i am so picky about the crust. i love crispy thin crusts but i am not a fan of burnt oven tasting pizza (my most hated is soggy, wilting pizza). obviously this limits me. anyway, the crust here is indeed crispy and some parts are burnt but surprisingly… i didnt mind! i think it’s because the pizzas themselves have a lot of flavor and go nicely with the crisp. go, serious pies! nothing better than a cozy pizzeria on a cold, cold night! i would recommend the truffle mushroom and the roasted pepper sausage pizza! pizzas are moderately priced…but still not bad.
  • service/ambience: waiting times are long here. especially since this is not the largest establishment. good thing, dahlia bakery is around the corner in case you want a pre-dinner bite. service is great! spot on with recommendations.
  • overall: i think when people see a restaurant with thousands of reviews…they come here expecting to be ridiculously blown away by the best pizza in the world. so i will answer the question i always ask people: is it the best? no. but it is definitely still a great spot in seattle that is worth trying. fresh ingredients and comes out hot. worth it.

Serious Pie
316 Virginia St
Seattle, WA 98121

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Dahlia Bakery | Seattle, WA


the dessert lover in me had to look up a popular dessert spot in downtown seattle. top on the list was dahlia bakery.

after spending a few days in the city and talking to locals about our “downtown seattle to do list” (new friends, happy hour patrons, bartenders, uber drivers, lyft drivers, waiters/waitresses, baristas,etc), we found out that dahlia bakery is one of 12 tom douglas establishments. who is tom douglas? um, just the chef of seattle! 12 popular/successful restaurants in one city. one chef/owner? stud.

Dahlia Bakery Seattle

dahlia bakery. we ended coming here 3 times in 5 days to get three things:
  1. coconut cream pie – we first had a slice at serious pie (tom douglas’ pizza joint around the corner) and then became hooked! the special thing about getting the pie at the bakery is that it is available in a bite size!
  2. fresh small donuts – first had these at lola… became hooked. do you see a trend?
  3. chocolate eclair – kyle thought this was the best eclair he’s had. i know. i cant even tell you if that is true because i am not a fan of chocolate!
Dahlia Bakery Seattle

i would put the coconut cream pie and donuts on my top 10 desserts. no hesitation. i would note that the coconut cream pie is pretty coconutty. lots of shavings. i have heard the comment that it needs more coconut cream, less whipped cream and less shavings… i get it… but it’s still pretty awesome.

Dahlia Bakery Seattle Dahlia Bakery Seattle

side note: kyle got the hazelnut tart. he thought it was ok. pretty rich. don’t eat one by yourself… you will feel sick. sharing is definitely caring on this one.

Dahlia Bakery Seattle Dahlia Bakery Seattle

the donuts come with a vanilla bean dip and the homemade jam of the day! i’ve had both the strawberry and peach jams and they are freaking wonderful. although not really a traditional donut (they are pretty much square donut holes… but not cakey), i would consider this my favorite donut. can i even do that?! nothing beats fresh, hot donuts that melt in your mouth. dusted with sugar, these babies are on the messy side… but in the wise words of carl’s jr… if it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face.

Dahlia Bakery Seattle Dahlia Bakery Seattle

tom douglas, you did us a solid with your bakery. that is probably why in our time here, we knocked out 4 out of 12 of your establishments. we were impressed.

Dahlia Bakery
2001 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

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