Elliott’s Oyster House | Seattle, WA


we lucked out on our trip to seattle. out of a total of five days in seattle, it only rained 2 days! every other day was like this one (picture above)! so one thing that we found interesting in seattle (full thoughts and recommendations to come in a later post!) is that this city is huge on happy hour! we found out from the nicest lady we met (and then proceeded to get to know) while watching thursday night football game at the yardhouse! apparently she happy-hour bar hops…every day. yolo.

so we decided to go to elliott’s oyster house because of two reasons: #1. kyle felt like oysters…and wanted to pay happy hour prices. #2 we needed somewhere to watch football. important thing to note: this place only has one tv…and that one tv does not have nfl network. so, no thursday night football game. fail. onto the oysters!

Elliott's Oyster House | Seattle

so, this is the first time i have ever heard of progressive happy hour. seattle, did you make this up? we weren’t aware of this until we were seated. how it works:

  • the oysters are chef’s selection.
  • there is a limit of one dozen per person, maximum three dozen per table.
  • happy hour starts at 3pm and ends at 6pm.
  • starting at 3pm, oysters are $1 each. every hour after the hour, oyster price increases by 50 cents.

we got there at 4:30pm…so we had to pay $1.50 for our oysters instead of $1.00! we suck but still a good deal. so…we got two dozen! why not? we also ordered crispy calamari w/ garlic aioli for $3.

Elliott's Oyster House | Seattle Elliott's Oyster House | Seattle Elliott's Oyster House | Seattle

the calamari was small. good. not great. but for $3, we can’t really complain. the oysters took awhile to come out since they were really busy. they came with a champagne ice sauce… very different (but still a must try). we actually preferred the oysters with just lemon.

  • ambience: lovely patio seating on a sunny day (we did not sit outside because we wanted to football game). tons of seating. gets a little crowded during happy hour.
  • service: service was extremely slow in our opinion. we got seated but no one came to even acknowledge us for a solid 15 minutes. oysters took awhile to come out (they were busy). when they did come out, no one told us what kind they were! i mean, we didn’t care but it would’ve been a nice to know.
  • overall: our bill came out to around $50. not too cheap (we got a seasonal stout with our oysters). would we come back? yeah maybe at 3pm! we weren’t blown away by any means. but this is a very, very popular spot…so if it’s your first time in seattle, you probably want to check this place out. great view…even better when it’s sunny and clear outside. we would’ve tried to stay longer and ordered more, but we were on a mission to find the football game.

Elliott's Oyster House | Seattle Seattle

i had to snap a few pictures on our nice walk along the water to the next happy hour spot. these pictures don’t even do it justice. seattle, you are awesome. how did we get so lucky?! oh! also, i love to snap pictures of different fire trucks and stations (have you noticed)?

IMG_3466a1 IMG_3463a1 Seattle IMG_3505a1 IMG_3509a1

Elliott’s Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way, Pier 56
(between Seneca St & University St)
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

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Piroshky Piroshky | Seattle, WA


say hello to a small russian bakery in pike place market! i owe this little delight to kyle since he was the one who found it! i am not going to lie, i was not looking forward to this place. the sound of a pie after i just had a pink doughnut at top pot doughtnuts did not sound too great let alone a meat pie. so, what is a piroshky? a handheld pie…sweet or savory.

piroshky’s most famous item is the meat and cheese piroshky…but they have a huge selection of other flavors. our little piroshky came out hot and fresh.

IMG_3295a1 IMG_3301a1 IMG_3303a1

verdict: totally worth the wait. it was delicious! think buttery, flakey, cheesey, and beefy…all things great, right? and only $5! we shared one since we were in between meals. the piroshky is pretty sizeable so share if you are snacking…get your own if this will be a meal. next time, i want to try the potato mushroom and beef mushroom!

  • service: efficient and helpful!
  • atmosphere: small bakery so there may be a line. nothing too fancy inside. no seating. we took our piroshky and ate it while walking around pike place.

Piroshky Piroshky
1908 Pike Pl
(between Western Ave & Virginia St)
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

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Best Breakfast: Los Angeles

there’s some about lists…i love them. kyle thinks i’m a nerd for making a list for everything. anywho, that favorite burger list of mine got me thinking. what are my favorite breakfast places? so i decided to compile another list of my favorite a.m. spot. here we go. top 5…err 6:

  1. bea bea’s – best overall breakfast spot. huge menu. favorite dish: the mk.
  2. blu jam cafe – crunchy french toast. the bomb.
  3. lucky boy drive-in – best cheap breakfast burrito
  4. julienne – best cute breakfast joint with creme brulee french toast.
  5. huckleberry – best gourmet breakfast burrito
  6. zengo – best all you can eat and drink (for 3 hours) sunday brunch

bea bea’s: the mk

lucky boy’s breakfast burrito

for a complete list of my favorite breakfast places, please click here.

happy tuesday!

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Pike Place Chowder | Seattle, WA

Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike-Chowder-Seattle

a must visit seattle eatery is pike place chowder. it is reviewed by a million people and loved by even more. so naturally this was top on our list. i mean, how good can it be?

this small shop is tucked away in post alley. what is post alley? an insanely cute little alley near pike’s market place with small shops and restaurants. pike place chowder will be the shop with a huge line out in front. and by huge i mean wraps around the building. good thing we came here on a thursday morning to get our chow on because the line wasn’t too bad (less than 30 minute wait).

Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle

this place opens up every day at 11am and apparently they are seattle’s original dungeness crab roll sandwich! we obviously had to see what the rave and this big sign was all about. oh, and they have a wall of all the awards they have won (looks like they have won first place… a lot). we ordered:

  • combo #2: 8 oz. chowder of your choice with a half sandwich of the original dungeness crab roll and drink for $12.95. i chose the seafood bisque!
  • medium new england clam chowder

Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle

this is the huge menu that you need to study well in advance of order or else you will get lost. oh, and this place is serious about their chowder. they all have chowder shirts.

Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle

the dungeness crab roll was good. the roll that it was on was a little hard (i like my seafood rolls to be soft so that it can melt in my mouth). the crab itself was very fresh but i wish it had a little more of a kick. it was nice to have half a sandwich with my seafood bisque. i definitely think the combo is the way to go.

i almost didn’t order the seafood bisque since it sounds extremely heavy and i didn’t want to start my day off feeling heavy. good thing kyle made me sample it along with the southwestern chicken and corn chowder. i loved the seafood bisque way more than the southwestern chowder. not too heavy (it was actually a lot more watery than you would think by just looking at it). lots of flavor. i really liked it.

Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle

the new england chowder was good. kyle actually didnt let me have too much of it since he inhaled it. his thoughts: good chowder. hits the spot on a nice cold day. the best chowder he has ever had? no (he loves the chowder at lure and stands by his choice). but this one is pretty dang good and worth a try.

Pike Place Chowder | Seattle Pike Place Chowder | Seattle

Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley
(between Pike Pl & Pine St)
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

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Best Burgers: Los Angeles

as many of you know…i have a thing for burgers. i love them. i crave them (it is what i want to eat when i come home from an international trip. or in the case of italy… i needed to go to have a big mac during my 14 day trip). so i thought i’d compile a list of my favorite burgers…in los angeles.


so, i dont discriminate between the good ‘ol simple fast food burgers or the (sometimes tiny) gourmet burgers. to me, a good burger is a good burger. please note that these rankings do not give any consideration to price, size, or general value of the burger. it is solely based on taste and awesomeness. if i had to choose, here are my favorite fast food burgers:

  1. in-n-out – hamburger w/ grilled onions
  2. mcdonalds – big mac
  3. carl’s jr. – double western bacon cheeseburger


as far as non-fast food / gourmet burgers go, here are my top 5:

  1. umami burger – socal burger. my absolute favorite burger
  2. father’s office – the one and only burger they have. many, many people think that this should be #1. i get it. but i disagree.
  3. upper west – my most delicious veggie burger i have ever tasted. obviously i had to include a veggie burger for all those vegan/veggie burger lovers.
  4. pie ‘n burger – the best simple burger… don’t underestimate it. you will lose.
  5. sixth street tavern – a new one added to my list a month ago. i was simply blown away by the bistro burger. burger 1, linh 0.

click here to see my full list of favorite burgers! what are your favorites?


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