Mighty Quinns New York

we came here since it was featured in a few magazines and everyone raved about this place.

we ordered the brisket sandwich. it looked amazing.

Mighty Quinns New York Mighty Quinns New York

the brisket itself was on the dry side, which was a huge disappointment. we had to drench it in bbq sauce. the bbq sauce was good. it was on the sweeter side. another disappointing thing about this sandwich was the bun. even though our bun came from a fresh batch, it wasn’t very soft. we weren’t fans.

Mighty Quinns New York Mighty Quinns New York Mighty Quinns New York

  • service: okay. there was a long line when we came here but the staff did a decent job getting people through quickly.
  • ambience: really cool place. dark interior (dark woods) but lots of windows. we went for the outdoor seats since it was a beautiful day outside.
  • overall: we wanted to love this place but it was a let down. we didn’t love our sandwich… the brisket just fell short.

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque
103 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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