from what i have heard/understand/experienced, corner place has the best cold noodle soup (“dong chi mi gooksu”) ever! fact. just googling “korean cold noodles dong chi mi gooksu”, the first or second result says “best cold noodles.”

Corner Place

when the temperature tuned 85+, a friend and i decided to meet up in cerritos (a half way point between me and lake forest) just to have some cold noodles (and shop. and eat dessert. and catch up on her guatemala adventures). i would like to put it out there that (i) this was obviously my recommendation since i have been craving it for awhile now (ii) she turned down my other suggestion to go to lucille’s bbq because we always overeat when we go there and then hate ourselves afterwards (this has happened more than once). hope you can enjoy these cold noodles one day (with some kalbi and some bahn chan?! heaven. ps. there is more than 1 location. lucky us.

Corner Place Corner Place Corner Place

Corner Place
19100 Gridley Rd
Cerritos, CA 90703

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