Flour + Tea | Pasadena, CA

we found the cutest little tea place in pasadena called flour + tea! it was on a whim that we even stumbled upon this gem. we were meeting our friends after obon and turned to yelp for a quick meeting place and bam. i cant rave about this place enough! the staff there is amazing! cute decor + amazing staff + almond milk tea = greatness.

Flour-+-Tea Flour-+-Tea2 Flour-+-Tea3

Flour + Tea
238 S Arroyo Pkwy Ste 110
Pasadena, CA 91105
Neighborhood: Pasadena

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Wedding Ring

so. kyle’s wedding ring has been all over the place. he lost it on a beach in maui during our honeymoon (but was lucky to find it in the sand! i know, right?); he lost it for a few months (but my mom found it one morning underneath the car seat); etc. let’s just say he’s had pretty good luck. well, i get this picture text from him (i’m at work. he’s fishing. standard):


along with the text: “The only way to catch the uncatchable fish, is to offer them a wedding ring.” i laughed so hard, i thought i’d share. this is definitely why i love the guy.

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Quick Trip to Chicago

i was lucky to get to travel to Chicago (my first time) on business. since i have a pretty amazing boss, i was given a few hours to myself before meeting up for dinner and was able to capture a couple of amazing shots…

i love this city…it really is beautiful.

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