not only is this a level 5 friday, we will be celebrating our two year anniversary! i cant believe its already year number two. for this special blog post, i would like to share 50 things about us. kyle, i love you. these 50 little things, are just a few small reasons why i love you. i cant wait to get in the car with you today and celebrate our two year anniversary! thanks for being an awesome husband and best friend! from linh (143)

fifty things about us.

  1. he’s a better cook than she is. she appreciates it.
  2. we both love musicals.
  3. he’s a big lions/lakers fan.
  4. he likes to cross his fingers during the game and makes her do it with him.
  5. we are best friends.
  6. he takes his socks off when he gets home leaves them on the floor (even though the hamper is two feet away).
  7. she hates it so she takes a picture of it and sends it to him to remind him that she hates it.
  8. he likes drinking soda.
  9. we have the names of our future children picked out.
  10. our first date was during the summer after 8th grade graduation and yes, our parents dropped us off at the movie theater.
  11. he always quotes movies, she’s horrible at it.
  12. we overestimate our stomach capacity and always overorder.
  13. we are trying to start a hot dog thursday night, but we forget about it when thursday rolls around.
  14. she gets moody when she’s hungry.
  15. he proposed to her the day before he turned 21, in vegas.
  16. when we called friends and family to tell them, they thought we had eloped.
  17. she went to berkeley. he stayed in los angeles and started the drill tower. long distance relationships are hard.
  18. he drove up to berkeley at least once a month.
  19. he tells her to put the toothpaste cap back on. she tells him to clean the bathroom mirror.
  20. we love talking about and planning our future together.
  21. she loves onions and condiments. he likes them too now.
  22. she used to like her steak well done and with ketchup and mayo. he thought that was disgusting. now she eats steak medium rare like him (and eats more of it than he does).
  23. relaxing time means watching a weekly list of shows on dvr…even if the shows are really awful.
  24. her favorite flavor at BR is baseball nut. his is jamoca almond fudge.
  25. he can sleep forever. she always wakes up at the same time every day and makes him wake up with her.
  26. we had a bucket list but did them all so we have to write a new one.
  27. she likes to sit next to him at restaurants. he likes to sit across the table.
  28. we danced down the aisle in front of our families and best friends (most of whom we have known since middle school and high school)
  29. we have competitions to see who gets the better card.
  30. we have a lot of inside jokes.
  31. she loves ordering dessert. he does it because he loves her.
  32. he says “melk” instead if “milk”
  33. we love our friends.
  34. he used to write her songs.
  35. she cried when he sang them to her.
  36. she doesn’t like the last bite or sip of anything. he thinks she’s crazy.
  37. she hates folding laundry. he doesn’t mind it.
  38. we like to drive around toluca lake looking for houses we would like to live in.
  39. he sings, a lot.
  40. we both hate eggs.
  41. his favorite movie as a kid was homeward bound…then he matured and changed it to forest gump. her favorite movie is my best friend’s wedding.
  42. his car is messy. her car is clean (inside at least).
  43. he pumps gas for her.
  44. he loves golf. she’s learning to play for work.
  45. we are guilty of making friends wait to eat so that we can take pictures of the food.
  46. she wrote him a poem/rap for their wedding vows. his vows included the epic line “i like hanging out with you”
  47. he likes to buy her flowers. she’s bad at arranging and watering them.
  48. he’s good at finding deals at the supermarket. she just buys whatever she wants to eat, even if its not on sale.
  49. we both love kim chi.
  50. through our ups and downs over the past 10+ years, we are lucky to have grown together and to be married to each other. bi-winning.