i finally went through some of my thailand pictures! (i was battling a little bug all last week) we have been back for less than two weeks and already miss thai food! (obsessed much?) our trip was amazing…all the things we saw, people we met, all the food we ate… amazing. best trip ever? i think so! our itinerary:

  • bangkok – 6 hours – our first stop was bangkok (just for 6 hours since our plan was to fly to chiang mai for the lantern festival). flights from LAX to BKK were also cheaper than flying straight into chiang mai.
  • chiang mai – 5 days – adopt an elephant, cooking class, temple exploring, loi krathong festival of light & the lanna (northern thai) festival known as “yi peng”
  • bangkok – 2 days – back to bangkok for follow me bike tours!
  • phuket – 5 days – phi phi island by speedboat, phang nga bay kayak (james bond island)

so most amazing thing we did was adopt an elephant for the day! actually, it was the best thing i have done in my life (bold, huh?) we found this through tripadvisor since it was ranked #1 thing to do in chiang mai! thank you tripadvisor! at patara elephant farm, you spend the whole day with your elephant…feed it, play with it, check its health, learn how to get on it, trek with it through the forest, and wash it in the river…you really cant help but fall in love with these gentle, magnificent creatures. this was a very, very special experience i will never forget! please excuse the excessive pictures of our elephants…we just couldnt resist!

IMG_8193-2-1 IMG_8166-1 IMG_8198-2-1 IMG_8398-1 IMG_8420-1
IMG_8227-2-1 IMG_8242-2-1 IMG_3203-1

meet peng! she’s 7 years old! she’s a cutie, huh? she loves bananas, sugar cane, and dunking her head under water while you are trying to scrub her head! she stole my heart when she accepted by banana greeting.

IMG_3083-1 IMG_3206-1
IMG_3281-1 IMG_3294-1
IMG_3364-1 IMG_3561-1
IMG_3784-1 IMG_3786-1

happy thursday!