i’m back!! i have spent the last 39 hours in pittsburgh for work and its good to come back to la. stepped off the plane and got hit with 90 degree weather and bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 freeway. welcome home to me.

ive never been to pittsburgh (another check off my travel list. woo!). unfortunately this was a work trip, so i could only manage a few photos with my phone. the gist/feelings of my trip:

  • the city is beautiful specially on a warm sunny afternoon.
  • i fell in love with the steelers even more.
  • work.
  • pierogies rock my world! (imagine a potato inside of a dumpling! genius)
  • crazy summer thunderstorms out of nowhere.
  • black and yellow.
  • fries on salad and inside a sandwich (mad shout out to primanti brother’s. thank you for making your sandwich a tradition of pittsburgh since 1933). so good.
  • pirates vs. diamondbacks. amazing stadiums.
  • the strip.
  • i love pittsburgh. 39 hours is not enough. i will be back to visit you again.