so as many of you know and have read, we went a little crazy in nyc with our food binge. feeling unhealthy and to be quite honest, heavy and sluggish, we decided to try a 3-day juice cleanse. our friends have done different ones (there are so many of them out there, blueprint, ritual, master, etc) and have said that #1) it was hard, #2) its rewarding in the end, #3) you arent really that hungry through the whole thing and #4) the juices aren’t bad. we went on this advice and bought a deal on for kreation in beverly hills for a 3-day juice cleanse for $99. (this might seem steep but it actually is a huge discount of the original price and compared to other juice cleanses!) here are just a few of our thoughts. keep in mind that this comes from two people who love to eat too much and me, someone who has little to no will power. (spoiler alert: this is not going to be motivating)

HARDEST THING I HAVE HAD TO DO…IN MY LIFE. the thought of it now makes me want to go into my fridge and eat a creamsicle right now. so the only thing that was true about our specific cleanse was #1. yes, this was very hard. all we could think about all three days was food. anything and everything. kyle would like to smell food he could not eat and then drink the drink pretending it was food. i could not be around any smell of food or else i would just quit. everyone has their quirks. we did not think this through when we decided to start the cleanse because we did it on a weekend! we were surrounded by food AND it was $1 chicken sandwiches at burger king. fail.

my opinion on the hunger part: there was always and empty feeling. i dont think i even felt satisfied or full by any means. it may be because i opted not to drink 1 of the 6 juices i was supposed to finish that day (the third one).


  • the first juice, a green one with lots of green veggies, like kale, was actually okay.
  • the second juice was pretty much the master cleanse (lemon, agave, cayenne pepper).
  • the third juice was the worse (we thought that the juices would get better as the day progressed…it didn’t) it was called 12 unity. all i know is that it had all of the ingredients of the first one plus carrots, ginger, lemon, and cayenne. this was the worst.
  • the fourth juice was another green one. again, not too bad.
  • the fifth one contained beets…ehh.
  • the sixth one was literally called chlorophyl. water+chlorophyl that you had to drink all throughout the day.

day 1: i felt very weak all day. it didnt help that we were running errands all day.

day 2: i slept all day because i had no energy and felt really hungry.

day 3: starting feeling sick, my tongue was white, my taste buds gone. it was time for me to stop. i had to eat dinner that day since i felt like i almost couldnt be at work because i was a wreck. (i didnt make it through the whole day three).

did i feel healthier? not really. did i lose weight? yes, but not a sustainable weight (we knew that going in). would i do it again? i am confident when i say never. i have a great appreciation for those who do/did it for as long as you did without complaining as much as me. anyway, things are back to normal and we have been on plenty of food adventures since then (to be posted soon).

happy monday!