Hello my fellow blog readers:
I should preface this FIRST post by saying…this is my first attempt at blogging.
In between work, marriage, and party rocking, I LOVE to follow blogs
(literally how I spend my time unwinding).
So I thought… Why not make one??! It’ll be fun!
I intend to use this blog to document (i) life, (ii) my journey into the SLR photography world, and (iii) food adventures.
A few things to note about me and the future of this blog:
1. I take a lot of pictures. Do not underestimate this statement.
Expect an insane amount of photos on this bad baby.
2. Before making my way into the finance world, I was an
avid scrapbooker and obsessive photo snapper.
(Ask my hubby, he’ll tell you about the suitcases. HAH!)
3. Now that I work insane hours, this will be my scrapbook.
In a perfect world, I will have commentary on this blog…but who knows? This may just be a picture blog. Work with me.
With that said, this blog will also be my method of keeping in touch with family and friends… because life happens… and we may not always be in the same place at the same time.
Wish me luck and enjoy!