meet david. a few fun facts about my friend david here. i’ve known him since 6th grade (more than half my life). obviously he’s one of my closest friends. his nickname is dlow. we used to carpool in high school. we live less than 5 miles away and we barely get to see each other. he loves movies. the end.

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its all true…when people say that as you grow up, life gets in the way of some (most) things. here and there i get advice like “dont forget to slow down and enjoy.” i have been in investment banking for four years now (four years in 2 days) and there hasnt been any of this “slowing down” business. however, in the rare and quick moments that i do stop, i always find myself asking where has time gone? i get lost in work (erratic work hours), keeping my life (house) organized and together, family obligations, etc… life happens. although i denied it before, i now admit that more and more, its becoming harder to stay in close, close contact with friends whom i had the privilege of seeing and talking to every single day (yeah, they are pretty awesome and know who they are). insert: my 2012 resolution. be better about keeping in touch.

with that said, i’m lucky to have amazing friends who i am still close with since middle school/high school/college. its amazing knowing someone for that long. they know you and have seen you through your many phases, through your relationships, embarrassments, rough patches, etc. currently, my way of keeping in touch is via happy update emails, monthly dinner dates, random movie dates, birthdays, and holidays…not as much as i would like. to be honest, i wish i saw them every day…had coffee and a muffin with them every day.

ok, back to david. we have not seen each other since march and have been planning a dinner since then. it finally happened and we had a 2.5 hour catchup session. best two hours spent, duh. seeing him prompted this post. he’s the kind of friend who you dont see for months and when you do, its like no time has passed at all. i love it. anyway, i am heeding the advice of others and taking the time to enjoy my life and everyone in it (as my friend pmoney would say, YOLO). to all my friends reading this post, even though i cant give you a hug every day (you know i would if i could), i love you and think you rock. expect a call from me.