so! our saturday adventure started in west hollywood. it was 12pm and we hadn’t eaten anything yet (i get a little cranky when i’m not fed in 5 hour intervals). we stumbled on this amazing gem called fresh corn grill (i LOVE corn. i’d probably wear a t-shirt professing my love for this awesome food). anyway, as expected (thank you fellow reviewers), it was UH-MAZING! if it were a little closer to us, we would probably eat here at least once a week.

we got the fresh corn veggie bowl (with both the asian bbq and the ginger curry) and tacos with a side of grilled corn and grilled zuchini. delicious!! our favorite is definitely the bowl. i’m obsessed with the sauce…i can drink them both.

  • service: super friendly
  • parking: we parked on the street (metered) not to hard on a sunday.
  • overall: we are coming back here anytime we are in the area. fo sho.

Fresh Corn Grill
8714 santa monica blvd
west hollywood, ca 90069

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note to self: it is really hard taking pictures when the sun is uber bright outside. main thing-you cant really see the screen very well so you really don’t know if your pictures are coming out too bright, too dark, or in this case, a little on the yellow side. also, although i love my 50mm, it is difficult to take a picture of the whole plate. the best use for this lens is indeed food pictures but to focus on one thing on your plate. Maybe get another fixed lens 24mm or 35mm?

since we felt lunch was on the healthy side, we went into mid-wilshire to get dessert at simplethings sandwich and pie shop and got these little babies: (banana cream pie, salted caramel pie and strawberry rhubarb pie accompanied with a black cherry soda.

this place is stupid cute. minimal chic interior design (most things white and mirrored). mini pies? im in. i wanted to spend my whole day here.

  • parking: its on 3rd street so parking isnt the easiest. we had to circle a few times to find a metered spot.
  • service: good
  • overall: cute, cute place. pies are good. my favorite is the banana. kyle loved the salted caramel.

Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop
8310 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop on Urbanspoon
we had a friend in town (down from the bay area) who was staying on a boat in marina del ray (cool idea, yeah?). we met up, enjoyed some wine on the boat, made new friends, and tanned in the sun. i am going to name this series “i’m a boat.” enjoy!