Murray's Bagel New York

the bagel:  we got the onion bagel (my fav), lox, red onions, tomato, (no capers).  love. best bagel ever.  why?  the bagel itself is uh-mazing!  i dont know what it is.  it’s fresh.  great texture (i dont think fluffy is the right word…a cloud of heaven?).  i normally like my bagels toasted but (i) they dont toast their bagels and (ii) its so fresh, you dont need it toasted. mind blown. ugh. how did i live without you?

notes:  they have lots of different bagels but now that i have the perfect combo, i dont know how i eat anything else.  they also have tons of different cream cheeses.  go cray.

Murray's BagelsMurray's Bagels New YorkMurray's Bagels New York

  • service:  fast.  you get in and get out. 
  • atmosphere:  small. limited seating.  you are surrounded by lots and lots of bagels and cream cheese.
  • overall:  this is my favorite bagel.  ever.  we have been to this location in chelsea and the one in greenwich village (made us hooked).  i do have to say that the bagel at the greenwich bagel was a little more loaded (aka more cream cheese, more lox, more onions!)…and they cut it in half for us there.  so i think if i had to choose between the two locations, i would choose the greenwich village one but again, best bagel we have had.  los angeles has nothing compared to new york bagels.

242 8th Ave
(between 22nd St & 23rd St)
New York, NY 10011
Neighborhood: Chelsea

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here is the info for the greenwich village location:

500 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10011
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Murray's Bagels on Urbanspoon