Scarpetta Las Vegas

a little note:  life has gotten hectic in 2015 so i have not had a chance to post anything this year.  (i know. i’m disappointed in myself)  recently, i got an awesome note from a fellow reader urging me to come back to the blogging world.  how can i say no?  so this post is long, long overdue.  better late than never? here we go!

we made a last minute trip to vegas for our anniversary and ended up at scarpetta for an early dinner (no res) before watching celine dion (my childhood idol. yes, i cried a little when she first came out on stage).

here is what we ordered:

  • heirloom tomato salad, mozzarella & grilled ciabatta
  • pici pasta (lobster, tarragon, almond & chili pesto)
  • duck foie gras ravioli
  • diver scallops

Scarpetta Las Vegas Scarpetta Las Vegas

heirloom tomato salad on point.  cheese melts in your mouth. i would highly recommend getting this.

the scallops (below) were okay.  i wasn’t blown away by them.

Scarpetta Las Vegas Scarpetta Las Vegas

now the pasta.  the real mvp. we ordered the lobster pasta (above) and the duck ravioli (below).  both were uh-mazing.  i repeat. uh-mazing.

pastas were fresh and cooked perfectly al dente.  flavors were phenomenal.  i wish we had time to order more of their pasta dishes!

Scarpetta Las Vegas Scarpetta Las Vegas

the restaurant was nice enough to help us celebrate anniversary.  dessert was a great end.

Scarpetta Las Vegas

  • food:  amazing food and beautiful presentation.  scarpetta is now one of our favorite italian restaurants! (we fancy) i can’t wait to try everything on their menu.
  • service:  very attentive and efficient.  this is the kind of service where if you drop a breadcrumb, someone is running to clean it up for you…while filling up your water glass.  #skillz
  • ambience:  beautiful unassuming spot.  we didn’t even know this restaurant existed in the cosmo until we started exploring.  great for special occasions. hopefully you get to sit near the window!
  • overall:  we came here not expecting much and were blown away with the food.  yes, price point is high.  $25-40 for a pasta… however, an un-regrettable splurge for a special occasion, in our opinion.  see you soon, scarpetta.

Cosmopolitan Hotel
3708 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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