Doughnut Dolly | OaklandDoughnut Dolly | Oakland

oh, doughnut dolly in oakland, why were you not around when i was in college?  at $3 a piece, you have a variety of flavors to choose from.  the filling flavors change on the regs but the naughty cream is a constant.  we went here on a saturday morning… the line wasn’t too long.

my favorite is the naughty cream filling (which is similar to the cream filling you would find in a cream puff).   pris and stella enjoyed the raspberry lemon jam and the dark chocolate fillings.

Doughnut Dolly | OaklandDoughnut Dolly | OaklandDoughnut Dolly | OaklandDoughnut Dolly | OaklandDoughnut Dolly | Oakland

my doughnut was perfect with a black cup of coffee.  don’t expect the most exceptional coffee…but a still a good pair with the doughnut.  note that the raspberry lemon is on the sweeter side…so you definitely will need the coffee to offset.

so, i am a fan of this doughnut. the doughnut is soft and fluffy and the cream filling is a plus!

Doughnut Dolly | OaklandIMG_2189a1Doughnut Dolly | Oakland

  • atmosphere:  very cute doughnut shop that will steal your heart.  on top of that, the alley that it’s located in is stupid cute. i wanted to spend all day here. go oakland!
  • parking:  only street parking.
  • service:  one woman shop.  very nice and quick service.
  • food:  doughnuts are great.  i would come back here. i didn’t know this at the time of ordering but you can actually request mixed flavors.  i’m sure the naughty cream / coffee is amazing!

Doughnut Dolly
482 B 49th St
Oakland, CA 94609

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