dahlia lounge was kyle’s choice.  it sits in between dahlia bakery and serious pie…so we walked passed it several times.  not one of those times did i even think to dine here.  truth is, it looked dark and old…and not my thing.  also, i figured the two things i want (coconut cream pie and donuts) can be purchased at dahlia bakery. so why go to a moderate to highly priced restaurant to get those things?  i was so wrong.  so very, very wrong.  good thing kyle felt like having a nice dinner after gorging on bar/stadium food.

based on solid recommendations from our waitress, we ordered:

  • five spiced duck ($29)
  • dungeness crab cakes ($32)
  • crème caramel with rice puff krispie ($10)

the main entrees are definitely on the expensive side.  when i saw the prices, i was contemplating possibly just ordering an appetizer but kyle pushed me to get a full meal.  both dishes were excellent!  the duck was moist and packed with flavor.  freaking amazing.  mushrooms and cranberry jam were a perfect combo.  crab cakes…dungeness crab cakes?  even better!

Dahlia Lounge | Seattle. WA Dahlia Lounge | Seattle. WA Dahlia Lounge | Seattle. WA

the crab cakes sat on top of potatoes and topped with a fennel remoulade.  perfect crab cakes.

Dahlia Lounge | Seattle, WA

i came here thinking…actually determined to get the donuts or coconut pie.  but our waitress suggested that we try tom douglas’ famous crème caramel.  when i heard caramel… i thought extremely sweet.  well, holy crap! it was delicious!  think flan/panna cotta.  delicious.  easily one of my favorite desserts.

  • atmosphere:  dark wood, red walls… older feel.
  • service:  this place usually has a long wait.  even when we strolled in at 10pm, there was a 15 minute wait to get seated.  our waitress gave us some awesome recommendations and was patient despite our indecision at times.  it was appreciated.
  • overall:  the food was an amazing experience from beginning to end.  i would recommend this any day.

Dahlia Lounge
2001 4th Ave
(between Lenora St & Virginia St)
Seattle, WA 98121

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