Carrara Pastries | Moorpark

let me introduce you to carrara pastries…an absurdly wonderful italian bakery! they have two locations: moorpark and agoura hills.

most of the desserts are in italian so we have no idea what we are eating nor do we even know how to pronounce it. regardless, get ready for your mind to be blown. our go-tos (i literally had to go to their website to get these names. you’re welcome):

  • cheesecake – my favorite. it’s delicious!
  • crostata di frutta – fruit tart
  • profitterole – think chocolate covered cream puff
  • amarena – cake & mousse in a dome
  • velina – cake & mousse (chocolate)
  • yogurt e fragole – cake and yogurt mousse layered
  • tiramisu
  • all cream puffs… you must try the frittlle, a deep-fried cream puff coated with sugar

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

crostata di frutta (pictured above).

Carrara Pasteries | MoorparkCarrara Pasteries | Moorpark

tiramisu is delicious! oh! the gelato is also freaking amazing. (pretty much all things made in this bakery rock)

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

this is the famous cheesecake. you have never tasted anything like this. isn’t presentation impressive?

Carrara Pasteries | MoorparkCarrara Pasteries | MoorparkCarrara Pasteries | MoorparkCarrara Pasteries | Moorpark

profitterole (pictured below) along with a mini cream puff (delicious).

  • overall: pastries are their specialty and you will not be disappointed with anything you get. presentation is amazing even the carry out boxes!
  • parking: both locations have ample parking.
  • service: everyone is uber friendly and are happy to explain what each pastry is.
  • ambience: clean. casual. spacious.

Carrara Pasteries | Moorpark

Carrara Pastries
476 W Los Angeles Ave
Moorpark, CA 93021

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28914 Roadside Dr
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Carrara Pastries on Urbanspoon