Founded in 2011, the EXANTE brokerage company is steadily developing demonstrating a huge success in the industry. The company’s offices can be found in many parts of the world. Proceed with viewing the EXANTE broker review to learn more.

The best trading platform

EXANTE boasts a trading terminal of its own development and provides a wide selection of financial instruments. The trading platform has the following advantages:

· Having installed the application, you can immediately get down to work;

· No additional settings are required;

· It offers free trial access, allowing you to get acquainted with stock trading;

· It’s compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS);

· High data transfer rate;

· Multiple screens are supported;

· A multilingual user interface;

· An advanced Drag’n’Drop function;

· It comes with all the necessary instruments for technical analysis and an option board;

· It gives quick access to all financial markets and assets;

· It features a modular structure;

· It demonstrates a high level of reliability and safety.

The program can be downloaded on the official website of the EXANTE brokerage company.

The vast majority of traders are satisfied with the program’s functionality, user-friendly interface, access to a huge set of instruments (150,000), and compatibility with most operating systems.

Many professional players claim that the EXANTE platform is faster and more versatile compared to other trading platforms. The developers of the trading terminal are constantly working to improve their product, eliminate shortcomings, in accordance with the comments and requests of users. Traders’ requests are timely processed and resolved whenever possible. EXANTE representatives are always happy to help their customers.

Anyone can learn the basics of trading on this terminal. All information with detailed instructions is presented in the trader’s account.

Trade 150,000 assets with the EXANTE broker!

The broker provides access to 55 world trading sites. What’s more, traders can take advantage of 150,000 assets. It’s possible to trade all of them from a single multicurrency account. The following assets are available:

· Futures (500 types of futures contracts);

· ETFs and shares (more than 10,000 shares);

· Options (6000 options on underlying assets);

· Bonds (government and corporate bonds);

· Currency and precious metals (more than 50 currency pairs).

EXANTE founded by Anatoly Knyazev regularly increases the list of available markets. New promising stock exchanges in Asia and Europe have been recently added.

EXANTE broker: striking reliability

A wide selection of trading instruments and stock gives players unlimited opportunities. These days many traders, in particular, novice investors are afraid of various fraudulent schemes. Traders who have been cooperating with EXANTE for a long time characterize their collaboration with the broker in the most positive way.

Take advantage of a multi-currency single account!

Among European brokers, EXANTE is the only one that makes it possible to trade in such an impressive number of markets with low commissions and work with financial instrument from a single account.

A multi-currency account is very easy to use. Stock traders leave a lot of positive reviews about the broker.

Getting started with a large deposit

To open an account, you need to go through the registration process on the official website of the broker. You are expected to upload the copy of your passport and anything confirming your place of residence. To start trading, you need to deposit at least 10,000 euros. As you see, the minimum deposit here is fairly large. Perhaps, it’s the only downside of the company. However, it is true only for novice traders.

The process of opening a trading account takes a minimum of time and effort. Copies of the uploaded documents are checked during the day. Needless to say, it attracts more and more new clients.

If there’s a need to close your trading account, then the procedure will be very simple. In this case, you are expected to submit an application for withdrawal of funds, close all of your trading positions, contact the support service, or your personal manager. To transfer open trading positions to another company, you also need to contact the manager.

Commissions and terms of trade

The fee charged by the broker for trading assets is not fixed and depends on various factors: trading volumes, financial instruments, conditions of a particular stock exchange. By the way, brokerage includes clearing and exchange fees and is determined as a percentage of the execution price of the transaction. Furthermore, there are no commissions for the use of the trading account.

As for spread on currency pairs, it starts from 0.2 points.