dinner with a friend after a long work week at take a bao.

food:  this is my second time trying take a bao.  the first time was right when they opened so they still had some kinks to figure out.  this time, i actually really enjoyed it.  we shared the burger bao (based on a recommendation from the cashier, which was actually pretty good).  i got the chinese chicken salad (light) and my friend got the lemongrass grilled hanger steak with fries.  my bill came out to $16.  a little pricey but i didnt mind.

last time, all we got were baos. so it was pretty pricey ($4-5 for one) and we werent too full.  that is definitely not the way to go.  get a main dish and have a bao as an appetizer!

ambience:  i love it here.  modern and simple.  it was packed at around 8pm but food comes out rather quickly.

i was scrambling to take pictures before the sun completely set.  success! lighting was so good!

Take A Bao | Studio CityTake A Bao | Studio City

have a good weekend!

Take a Bao
11838 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Neighborhood: Studio City

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