Ike’s Lair | OaklandIke’s Lair | Oakland

hello ike’s.  we’ve been wanting to eat you since we saw you on man v. food (as you can tell, we watch that show a lot).  we heard there was a secret menu (we did research)…and wanted to try the “shawn michaels” sandwich. what’s in it? thinly sliced rib eye, bacon, mozzarella sticks, lettuce, tomato, annnnd dirty sauce (so, i still dont know what this is but its delicious).

  • verdict: delicious! i am a big, big fan.  i’d put it on my list of “best sandwiches i have eaten” yep. i said it.  so glad it lived up to all the hype.  disclaimer: these are not going to be your every day sandwiches…so dont expect some glorious italian sub.  this is not the place.  but if you are looking for a twist between two buns, go here. my husband and i would come up to norcal just for the sandwich. nuff said?
  • service: helpful. fast.
  • ambience:  so we went to the one in oakland (the original is in san francisco).  there really was not line but then again we ate this at 11:30am.  cool decor but there is no where to sit inside.  there are a couple of benches outside that you can enjoy your sandwich on…but that is about it.

Ike’s Lair | Oakland Ike’s Lair | Oakland

side thought: have you ever had cheerwine? think dr. pepper and cherry. i enjoyed it.

Ike’s Lair | Oakland

if you are in norcal and get to enjoy ike’s let me know what you get and your thoughts please!

Ike’s Lair
2204 Broadway
(between Franklin St & Grand Ave)
Oakland, CA 94612
Neighborhood: Uptown

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