i cant believe it’s already mid-december already! thought i’d finally share a few photos from our friendsgiving this year! (i know, so delayed).  this is our 4th friendsgiving, which we co-host with a couple of friends. we get pretty excited for this and spend  weeks (lots of them) planning it.

we ended up going with gold glitter yellow/white pumpkins for our name cards! (thank you pinterest! we combined these two ideas:  here and here)  we used these pumpkins to determine the rest of the decor: flowers, table covers, etc.  beige, browns, golds was the base with bold flower combos.


the pumpkins – we were obsessed with these little babies.

  • pumpkins – vons – $1 each
  • modge podge – $7 at michaels
  • gold glitter – $10 for a large bottle at michaels (martha stewart).  i didn’t know how much i needed so i went with the large bottle.
  • bow raffia – $4 for a large bag at michaels
  • small tags – 20 pack $2.5 at michaels
  • gold pen – set of 2 for $2.50 at michaels
  • painter’s tape – $5 at target

the flower boxes – we found rectangle boxes in downtown on the cheap and ended up using them for our centerpieces.  we stained them ourselves and then painted a gold strip for a pop.

  • box – $13 each in downtown flower market
  • wood stain tube – $13 at michaels.  i will note that this was extremely easy to use.
  • gold paint – $5 at michaels.

the table

  • beige table cloth – $9 on amazon (this is a crazy deal)
  • burlap runners – $4 each in downtown flower market
  • bag of pine cones – $5 in downtown


anyway, friendsgiving has come a long way from the first one we had 4 years ago (costco chicken, stove top stuffing, and extremely garlicy mashed potatoes (inedible)). now it’s a way for jess and i to be creative once a year (sometimes we joke because it feels like we plan a wedding once a year) and work on our cooking skills. at this point, we are pretty good at the stuffing, brussel sprouts, cream corn, and pumpkin pie!

IMG_5561aq IMG_5566a1 IMG_5570a1 IMG_5583a1 IMG_5667a1IMG_5637a1IMG_5658a1 IMG_5690a1IMG_5706a1 IMG_5693a1IMG_5651a1

happy sunday!


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Happy Lunar New Year! Hello, 2013

happy lunar new year to all those who celebrate it! this year, my two fabulous cousins and i decided to take on throwing a new year lunch for our family (ahem, all 31 of them). we thought that it was time to take on the traditions of our grandparents and our parents. we cooked the main dishes:  thit kho (vietnamese caramelized braised pork belly and eggs and coconut juice), curry, and soup mang cua (vietnamese asparagus crab soup).  and we went crazy decorating the house with red and gold! here is a glimpse of our festivities!

Lunar New YearLunar-New-Year-1IMG_0336aIMG_0476aIMG_0484aLunar-New-Year-4IMG_0116aLunar-New-Year-2

as you can tell, there was a ton of food (not all the dishes are even pictured here).  while making/planning everything, we realized we dont know how our moms do it (every single year)!  so please meet the women in our lives! strong, amazing women who we learn everything from!


happy new year, from our family to yours!

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Our New Year – Japanese Style (Oshogatsu)

hello, oshogatsu (new year)!


each dish has a different meaning-good health, happiness, prosperity, etc.  a huge, huge thank you to my sis-in-law/chef (check out her site, here) for preparing this pretty spread for new years! (oh, yes! we get to eat this every year!)


happy new year, from our family to yours!

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3rd Annual Friendsgiving

since we left for thailand right after thanksgiving, i havent had a chance to share some pictures from our 3rd annual friendsgiving festivities! to giving thanks and our wonderful friends!


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