1011, 2014

On The Thirty | Sherman Oaks, CA

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there are a few gastropubs that opened up in sherman oaks! on the thirty is one of the ones we placed on our list.

came here celebrating jrod’s birthday.  since he’s a beer guy, i thought this place was perfect!  what we ordered:

  • big mista’s sweet n spicy wings
  • filet pizza – marinara, mozzarella, garlic bourbon marinated filet mignon, caramelized onions, and sriracha
  • amaze balls – potato, cheese, cream cheese, jalapeño, bacon, panko crusted.  served with a basil aioli.
  • white truffle fries

On The Thirty Sherman Oaks

the wings are the bomb dot com.  we were told that this was the one thing we had to order.  great recommendation!

ohh the pizza!  sriracha on a pizza?  yes, please!  super tasty and everything we wanted it to be.

On The Thirty Sherman Oaks On The Thirty Sherman Oaks

the amazeballs were also good! pretty presentation, huh? fries weren’t too truffley.  we thought they were good.

On The Thirty Sherman Oaks

  • service:  we loved our waitress.  she was uber friendly and gave solid recommendations.  staff in general was friendly and attentive, making sure we had everything we needed.  the owner (didn’t get his name) is freaking awesome and very welcoming.  he was the one who urged us to get the wings.  in his words, he would put his wings up against anyone in la.  bold, right? i like bold.
  • parking:  we came here on a labor day and didn’t have an issue finding parking on ventura blvd.  meters only allow for 2 hours so just make sure you set a timer.
  • ambience:  high ceilings.  high booths.  a little on the dark side but an outdoor patio is available.  we actually sat near the window so we enjoyed the benefits of sunlight without the heat (90 degrees that day) outside. nice looking bar with a number of flat screen tvs for your viewing pleasure.
  • overall: i’ve been recommending this to everyone.  i’m confident that it will do well in sherman oaks.  beer selection is solid. food is great (definitely the better gastropubs out there right now).  flat screen tvs.  air conditioning.  how do you not fall in love with this place?

On the Thirty
14622 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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2709, 2014

Russ & Daughters | New York City

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Russ & Daughters New York

this is our second time at russ & daughters.  our first time included a torrential pour and a lot of happiness… leading us to come back here for our mandatory new york bagel part deux.

we like to get to russ & daughters early since it gets relatively packed.  it’s located on the lower east side, near katz’s delicatessen.

Russ & Daughters New York

although there are a quite a number of options (a ton of different style lox and a bajillion types of cream cheese), we go for the popular: smoked salmon (not even sure which one we get), scallion cream cheese, red onions, and tomato on an onion bagel.

Russ & Daughters New York Russ & Daughters New York Russ & Daughters New York Russ & Daughters New York

so much salmon…

Russ & Daughters New York

  • ambience: this is a market.  so there aren’t any tables or chairs inside.  there’s a nice bench right outside in case you want to enjoy your bagel in the sun. also, since it is a seafood market… it will smell fishy.  this is a heads up to those who don’t do well in fishy settings.
  • service:  you grab a number and wait to be called.  my suggestion is to figure out what you want while you are waiting.  don’t be that person who is indecisive and holds up the line.  you will get some eye rolls.
  • our verdict: the smoked salmon with scallion cream cheese – delicious!  however, the bagel itself  is not as soft as we wanted it to be (the bagel at murray’s is better).  my ideal bagel would be lox from russ & daughters and an onion bagel from murrays.  just sayin’.

Russ & Daughters
179 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002

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2609, 2014

Cafe Habana | New York City

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Cafe Habana New York

we came here for one thing and one thing only.  the grilled mexican corn ^^^

Cafe Habana New YorkCafe Habana New YorkCafe Habana New York

our thoughts:  it was bomb.  cojita cheese, spicy powder, lime… ugh so good.  i could have one all to myself (it’s only 3 bucks). but since we were on a major eating adventure, we only ordered one to share.  #pros

Cafe Habana New York

  • ambience:  since we were looking to get in and out quickly, we opted for the to-go location right next door to the restaurant.  no line, same menu, and fast service.  there are a couple small tables plus bar seating at the window.  that’s all you really need to enjoy your corn.
  • overall:  the corn.  it’s delicious. it’s cheap.  it’s exactly what you dream it would be.  next time, we want to try all the other items on the menu.  we were smelling and staring at everyone’s food around us.  yes, we were those people.

you made us happy, cafe habana. very happy.

Cafe Habana
17 Prince St
New York, NY 10012

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Cafe Habana To-Go (right next door)
229 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012

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2509, 2014

Tacombi | New York City

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Tacombi New York

what’s better than watermelon fresca and horchata on a hot, hot day in nyc?  nothing. obviously.

Tacombi New York

we stumbled on tacombi walking to the chelsea market.  the big jugs of sandia drank drew us in.  how stupid cute is this?

Tacombi New YorkTacombi New York

  • drinks: watermelon fresca is refreshing.  the horchata is also good.  it’s on the thicker side so we had to ask for extra ice.
  • service:  everyone is ridiculously nice.
  • overall: the watermelon and horchata alone won us over.  we look forward to trying food here net time.

267 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012

Neighborhood: Nolita

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2409, 2014

Bianca | New York City

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Bianca New York

before coming to nyc, we had bianca bookmarked.  so when we heard that this was our friend’s (he’s italian) favorite italian restaurant in manhattan, we had to go.  here is what we ordered:

  • tagliolini ai frutti di mare ($14)
  • tagliatelle alla bolognese ($11.50)
  • pomodori ($9)
  • salmone croccante ($16.50)
  • tiramisu
  • panna cotta with caramel sauce

Bianca New York Bianca New York Bianca New York

pomodori – tomatoes with red onions and anchovies.  p and chris loved this.

Bianca New York

tagliatelle alla bolognese. meat sauce.  pasta is amazingly fresh! the sauce was good but a little on the bland side.

Bianca New York

salmone croccante – crispy roasted salmon filet.

Bianca New York

tagliolini ai frutti di mare.  clams, mussels, calamari and shrimps sauteed in garlic, evo and light tomato sauce.

Bianca New York Bianca New York

the panna cotta, in my opinion was just okay.  the texture was on the jello-y side but smooth.  it was slightly a little too sweet for me.

tiramisu (i am told) was pretty good.  it is, however, more cream and less cake than the average tiramisu.

Bianca New York

  • food:  we would describe this place as a no-frills italian restaurant.  the pastas were very fresh and have very comforting, homey tastes.  our pastas were a little blander than we would have liked but so fresh that it is forgivable.
  • ambience:  very cute.  the outer front walls completely open up providing an open air space.  we dined on the earlier side so appreciated the natural light.  the rest of the restaurant is pretty dark, lit with candles… making it a pretty good date spot.  keep in mind that the restaurant is small and the tables are crammed together. cozy is the best way to describe this place.  give its size, you and your party may have to wait during peak times.
  • service:  very friendly.
  • overall: very cute italian restaurant with good, fresh pasta at extremely reasonable prices.  if you are looking for a casual italian dining experience, you will definitely like this restaurant.  oh. it’s cash only.  be prepared.

5 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

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