20 05, 2015

Ink.Sack | West Hollywood, CA

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Ink Sack West Hollywood

annnnnnnd i’m back! after a few months on hiatus, the blog is back in action.  first post:  ink.sack.

so many of our friends love, love ink.sack sandwiches.  we had to try it for ourselves! as recommended by the cashier, we ordered:

  • cold fried chicken sandwich
  • banh mi sandwich – pork shoulder, bacon, chicharrónes, pickled vegetables, onion spread
  • pork rinds (yep, you read that right. we got them rinds)

i will start by saying these sandwiches are on the small side but very reasonably priced.  they run about $6 each.  perfect size for me.  for some, one might not be enough.

Ink Sack West Hollywood

the rinds were okay.  actually a little soggy and lacked the crispiness we were expecting (bummer).  i honestly dont know why we got the rinds.  lol.  we never get rinds.  our bad.

Ink Sack West Hollywood

the cold fried chicken sandwich was good!  i know i should’ve expected the fried chicken to be cold because of the name… but i was still surprised by the temperature first bite in.  still, very good!  good flavor and good bread.

Ink Sack West Hollywood

the banh mi was our favorite of the two.  even more flavor than the fried chicken.  there is a lot going on but in a good way.

  • food:  sandwiches lived up to their hype.  i want to try every sandwich on the menu now!  i would pass on the rinds.
  • service:  this is not a full service place (if you want full service, go to ink next door).  cashier was nice.  food came out quickly.
  • parking:  street parking… in west hollywood. good luck.
  • overall:  we liked this place and would definitely go back to try the rest of the menu!


8360 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood

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31 12, 2014

Café Amelie | New Orleans, LA

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Cafe Amelie New Orleans

cafe amelie wasn’t on our radar until we walked by the restaurant on our ghost and vampire walking tour.  the shrimp and grits was what grabbed our attention.  i had to try it.

we ordered:

  • jumbo lump crab cake ($15) – served with baby greens and citrus drizzle.  they were not lying when they said “jumbo”.  very good crab cake.
  • shrimp & grits ($13) – corn and andouille maque choux
  • skillet roasted duck breast ($29) – sweet potato hash, green beans, apricot pepper glaze

Cafe Amelie New Orleans

so the shrimp and grits were incredible and everything we wanted it to be!  the shrimp had great flavor. the corn sauce… uh-mazing. everything together was just perfect.  i wish i had a better photo for you but we came here late at night, right before it closed. sorry, folks!

Cafe Amelie New Orleans

the glazed duck was also amazing! great, sweet glaze.  the duck was perfectly cooked.

  • food:  this was one of our favorite meals in nola!  everything was wonderful and we can’t rave about it more!  so glad we were able to squeeze in a reservation on our last night!
  • service:  everyone was so nice and attentive.
  • ambience:  this place is stupid cute. great romantic spot.  i wish we would’ve gone here for a lunch or early dinner so that we could have enjoyed the patio area (lit up by christmas lights at night).
  • overall:  food was excellent, service was wonderful and the ambience was the cherry on top!  moderate to expensive price range (make this one of the special meals).  we highly recommend cafe amelie if you are in town and looking great food.

Café Amelie
912 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70116

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30 12, 2014

Bar Tonique | New Orleans, LA

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Bar Tonique New Orleans

we owe a lot of our trip to our buddy, mark, since he took us around to all the great bars in nola and made some amazing recommendations for food and drinks.

we went to visit his bar, bar tonique, while he was working because he was raving about the bloody mary! great thing about this place is their $5 drink of the day!  the bacon bloody mary is a saturday special.  apparently this sells out so get there earlier.

Bar Tonique New Orleans

solid bloody mary.  one of the best bloody marys we have ever had.  no dispute.  cocktails here are great.  mark made me a refreshing, spicy drink (my go-to).

Bar Tonique New OrleansBar Tonique New Orleans

mark doin’ his magic.

Bar Tonique New Orleans

overall:  if you are looking for a great cocktail lounge/bar a little outside of the french quarter, come to bar tonique.  specialty: hand-crafted cocktails… expansive menu. they will take care of you.  oh, and mark was voted nola’s hottest up and coming bartenders. no big deal.

Bar Tonique
820 N Rampart St
New Orleans, LA 70116

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29 12, 2014

Cane and Table | New Orleans, LA

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Cane & Table New Orleans

this is another great recommendation from our buddy mark (so we decided to stop by after venturing to coop’s place for our fried chicken).  we came here during an awkward time… well after lunch and too early for dinner.  so they were only serving small plates.

we ordered:

  • peas n rice ($9) – island peas. local andouille sausage. rice.
  • crispy rum ribs ($17) – pork. el dorado 3-yr rum. papaya chutney. sambal.
  • avocado salad ($14) – avocado. jerked crab fingers. pecan smoked salt. marinated cherry tomatoes

Cane & Table New Orleans Cane & Table New Orleans

we knew this place would be good since our friend, mark, had been spot on with his recommendations but we didn’t anticipate how good.

the peas n rice small plate was not what we expected…  basically it looked like beans.  we were thinking… did we get the wrong order?  oh well because the beans were bomb!  so flavorful!

Cane & Table New Orleans

the avocado salad was refreshing! exactly what we needed for our crispy ribs and beans.

Cane & Table New Orleans

last but absolutely not least, the real MVP–the deep-fried ribs. yep. deep-fried. ribs.  fell off the bone.  great sauce that smacks you in the face.  everything i wanted these to be.

like i said, we knew this place would be good.  we just didn’t expect this place to serve the most memorable dish of the trip!

Cane & Table New Orleans

  • food:  everything we ordered was excellent!  we can’t stop talking about the ribs!
  • ambience:  we sat in the courtyard area.  super cute spot especially on a warm day.  bar is chic.  dark woods, distressed walls with some exposed brick and emerald-green accents.  we dig it.
  • service:  service with a smile is always a good sign.
  • overall:  ribs were spectacular!  no, this place is not the cheapest but well worth it in my opinion.  some people will have a heart attack when they read $17 for 6 baby ribs… but trust me, they are a must try. get ready for some mind explosion.

Cane and Table
1113 Decatur St
New Orleans, LA 70116

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28 12, 2014

Verti Marte | New Orleans, LA

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Venti New Orleans

came here after our ghost and vampire tour.  this place is a small market that makes sandwiches in the back.  we saw that it had a ton of reviews so we thought why not?

this is a classic case of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  we ordered the poboy sandwich.  it took us a minute to decide what to order since there is a huge menu!

Venti New Orleans

the sandwich does not look pretty… none of us thought we would love it. but we were so wrong.  it is delicious! super packed with flavor.  what sauce is it?!! this is the kind of sandwich that you eat quickly since it is on the messier side but watch out since it comes out piping hot.

  • service: uber friendly
  • ambience: small market lit by fluorescent lighting (excuse the horrible photos… all i had was my iphone).  there are two standing tables in the back of you want to scarf your sandwich down like we did.
  • overall:  great, cheap sandwich! i would recommend this any day.  like many have said before, pictures do not do it justice.  oh! and this is open late night!

Verti Marte
1201 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70195

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