18 07, 2012

Summer Canteen | Toluca Lake, Ca

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what would we do without summer canteen? this is our go-to dinner spot. when we first moved into this area, we decided to come here one random Thursday night not knowing it was an eclectic asian (though mainly thai) restaurant.

Summer Canteen | Toluca Lake

i want to say on average, we come here once a week… not only because it’s fast, easy and down the street but because it is delicious! we have spread the word to our family members and friends who now hit us up when they have cravings!

our normal dishes:

  • curry noodles (“kao soi”) – the curry noodles are a must try (if you like curry)!!
  • summer fried rice – surprisingly delicious. who knew raisins in rice would be great?!
  • panang curry – get extra curry on the side and with black rice
  • pad see ew – we mainly get this dish with beef.
  • pad thai
  • black pepper sole – so, so good.

Summer Canteen | Toluca Lake Summer Canteen | Toluca Lake

  • service: 5 stars. i read the other reviews below me who had remarks about the service here, but every time we have gone here, everyone is super nice and attentive. we know everyone on the staff pretty well. very friendly and attentive.
  • ambiance: 4 stars. very nice modern decor. casual.
  • parking: ample parking down in the garage. never had a problem.
  • overall: we freaking love this place. food is delicious. casual atmosphere. it’s our fav.

Summer Canteen
4444 Lankershim Blvd
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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17 07, 2012

Cold Noodles @ Myung Dong Kyoja | Koreatown

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Myung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles

food adventures in k-town are absolutely the best! especially with our friends e & c who know the area so well. on this specific day, we were craving cold korean noodles since its been so hot recently. they took us to myung dong kyoja on wilshire. this place is apparently open 24/7! crazy, isnt it? so a perk from having awesome friends who speak korean, they ordered for us!

Myung Dong Kyoja | Los AngelesMyung Dong Kyoja | Los AngelesMyung Dong Kyoja | Los AngelesMyung Dong Kyoja | Los Angeles

  • food: cold noodles, cold noodles, cold noodles! its what they are known for and rightfully so. before this, all i knew was dong chi mi gookso from corner place. mind blown. this is definitely a perfect place to eat on a hot day and surprisingly, it could be considered a rather light dinner (if you dont order any kbbq). side note: dumplings were also very yummy! (we got them as an appetizer). kyle and i are absolutely in love with kimchi. let me give you the low down on the kimchi served at this establishment: you will smell all night and into the next day. this stuff is strong! be prepared…consider yourself warned.
  • service: friendly
  • parking: no issues on the street

Myung Dong Kyoja
3630 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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so not only did e & c take us to this place, on top of that, they took us to a korean bakery nearby (in a supermarket plaza). where, i should mention, we ate red bean filled donuts and ice cream bars! i die.

Bosco Bakery Cafe | Los Angeles Bosco Bakery Cafe | Los Angeles Bosco Bakery Cafe | Los Angeles

i dream about this donut quite often. sick, i know.

Bosco Bakery Cafe
928 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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17 07, 2012

Flour + Tea | Pasadena, CA

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we found the cutest little tea place in pasadena called flour + tea! it was on a whim that we even stumbled upon this gem. we were meeting our friends after obon and turned to yelp for a quick meeting place and bam. i cant rave about this place enough! the staff there is amazing! cute decor + amazing staff + almond milk tea = greatness.


Flour + Tea
238 S Arroyo Pkwy Ste 110
Pasadena, CA 91105
Neighborhood: Pasadena

Flour and Tea on Urbanspoon

16 07, 2012

Obon Festival | Pasadena

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so this weekend we went to pasadena for the obon festival. this annual festival is a celebration of the japanese culture and more specifically, is an event for commemorating one’s ancestors. kyle’s dad has been going to this festival since he was a kid and so has kyle! (cute, eh?) this event is run soley by volunteers from the community. isnt that great?! bbq, community, kimonos, martial arts, dances, and kintoki on ice (sweet red beans. my favorite). i look forward to this every year because its delish.

Obon Festival | PasadenaObon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | PasadenaObon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | PasadenaObon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | PasadenaObon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | Pasadena
Obon Festival | Pasadena

14 07, 2012

Bow & Truss {opening week} | North Hollywood

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Bow & Truss | North HollywoodBow & Truss | North HollywoodBow & Truss | North Hollywood Bow & Truss | North Hollywood

friday we decided to make reservations to bow & truss, which opened up earlier this week! so this restaurant is brought to you by morgan margolis of knitting factory entertainment (same guy who brought us the gem also known as the federal bar in noho). theme: spanish tavern. this is a tapas-style establishment so bring your amigos. the architect and design here is pretty awesome. think: modern car garage/studio and then insert two bars (inside and out) and large booth seating. boom.

Bow & Truss | North HollywoodBow & Truss | North Hollywood

our waitress and staff there in general are pretty friendly & awesome. the waitress warned us that the small plates come out at different times (thanks for the warning) so it was a little hard given that most of us were starving. my favorite things were lobster ceviche and the tacos.

Bow & Truss | North HollywoodBow & Truss | North HollywoodBow & Truss | North Hollywood

  • food: food here was disappointing. don’t get me wrong, none of it was bad by any means but very unremarkable. i was hoping the paella would be great (presentation was great) but it was not very flavorful. we thought the tacos were good.
  • ambience: i want to come back here just to hang out at the outside bar.
  • service: slow but they did warn us that food comes out randomly and in no given order.
  • parking: street parking. valet is also an option… but you can probably find something on magnolia. you may have to walk a little… but you will find a spot.
  • overall: nothing i can really rave about except for the concept and the bar (inside and outside). i’m grate there is another spot that opened up in our neighborhood. i just wish it was better than what we experienced.

photography: so our reservation was at 7:30pm. we didnt really order until 8pm. i was struggling with a few of the dishes that came later since there was barely any light coming from the skylight. (i had to use some of the light coming from that tiny little candle). note to self, if thinking of taking pictures with DSLR, make a slightly earlier reservation through the summer or order immediately!
Bow & Truss
11122 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Neighborhood: North Hollywood

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